Destined Dragon

Romance on the Go

by Laura M. Baird

Evernight Publishing

Paranormal Romance: Shapeshifters

September 29, 2022

Available in: e-Book

Destined Dragon
by Laura M. Baird

Dragon shifter and Vegas businessman, Raibert McKade, has it all. Except for a mate. When no one holds his interest and casual hook-ups lose their appeal, he immerses himself in work, leaving no time for socializing. Until one morning, all his plans are rearranged when his mate literally runs into him.

Game designer, Layla Brantley, needs a drastic change, and a dream job in Vegas offers the perfect opportunity. Leaving behind parents who don't support her and a deadbeat boyfriend who never appreciated her, she's ready to make her life her own. She never expects to collide with a handsome man and discover he's Raibert McKade, owner of The Mercury and host of the convention she's attending. And she definitely doesn't expect the man to show interest in her.

Raibert has his hands full with the captivating and curvy Layla, and he'd have it no other way. But will he convince her of her destiny, or will she walk away, leaving him to suffer loneliness for the rest of his days?

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Laura M. Baird's Bio

I strive to bring readers thought-provoking stories filled with sexy romance, excitement and fun, laughter and emotion. Hubby and I are U. S. Army veterans and many of my stories include military themes or references. When not writing or reading, we’re enjoying life and family in the Pacific Northwest. I love to engage with readers and writers, so visit my website for more.