Peggy Doviak

Peggy Doviak is giving away copies of 52 WEEKS TO WELL-BEING and a swag bag to 2 winners (each winner gets both).

52 Weeks to Well-Being
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When an unscrupulous stockbroker took Peggy Doviak's mother to the cleaners, Peggy did not just get mad---she changed careers. She became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional, vowing to ensure that what had happened to her mother would never happen to a woman again. Now a bestselling author and syndicated radio host, Peggy invites you to Ask Peggy again---only this time, her focus is on the unique financial matters that you face in life as the queen of your home. In the clear, down-to-earth, conversational style that endeared her to readers in 52 WEEKS TO PROSPERITY, she provides the know-how and advice to help you reach well-being in your life. 52 WEEKS TO WELL-BEING is all about what you need to know to become queen of your finances, whether you are starting a business or caring for aging parents, planning for retirement or surviving widowhood or divorce, saving for a trip around the world or wanting to help with a child or grandchild's college education---or even your own! Peggy knows women need practical information that doesn't pander or intimidate---they want their money to do good and for them to feel good about their money. 52 WEEKS TO WELL-BEING delivers that and more.

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