Daphne Masque


Daphne Masque is brimming with stories about romance in the theatre. The longest relationship of her life has been with theatre. Either as a performer, director, educator and writer she’s never far from working on a production where she’s continually honing her craft and challenging her own skills. The second longest relationship of her life has been love and romance. Writing has taken up the last fifteen years of her life, with plays, short stories and now Romance Novels. The novels have grown out of the desire to share her experience with people who love both romance and theatre. Having sat in thousands of rehearsals, hundreds of play readings, dozens of costume fittings and an incalculable number of hours set building she feels ready to bring you a wide breadth of stories with some factual accuracy. Please join Daphne in her sometimes wacky, often fascinating, naturally heartfelt, journey into backstage romance.