Haunting Indiscretions

Romance at the Empire Theatre Book 2

by Daphne Masque

Daphne Masque

May 28, 2017

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size (reprint)

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Haunting Indiscretions
by Daphne Masque

Will the job Sammi takes to stabilize her life cost her the only family she’s ever known?

Sammi wants the promotion to technical director in the worst way. As a single mom, she needs to provide a stable life for herself and four-year-old Harry, her holster-wearing, curly haired, rag-a-muffin son. She’s worked in touring theatre for years, knows it as well as she knows her own mind. Directing “And Then There Were None” seems like a perfect opportunity to fulfill her career goals.

Easy peasy. That is, until she encounters a cold case from a murder twenty-eight years ago, along with a community riddled by ghost stories, a crumbling turn-of-the-century theatre, precious little funding, and a near-death experience. But what drives her really crazy are all the unexplained memories in a town she’s never even visited.

Instead of grabbing for the brass ring, she’s barely holding on for dear life.

The pièce de résistance is Marcus, the FBI agent turned reporter with a daredevil smile and laid-back swagger. Handsome as a swashbuckler, charming as a pirate, and smarter about investigating cold cases than anyone in town, she’s forced to work with him.

But is he really out to help her or gather material for the next great American novel. He makes no apologies for wanting to build a career as a reputable author, but would he really use Sammi’s calamity as a stepping stone for his own career?

To solve the mystery, she compromises her ethics and makes a deal with the honey devil. Marcus will lead the cold-case investigation, and in return, she promises he can write about The Empire Theatre ghosts.

Only she doesn’t know that the story he wants to write is her own secret past. How can something that happened so long ago, in a place she’s never been to, hold the answer to her future?

Originally published April 2017 in eBook by Fairman Press.

Daphne Masque's Bio

Daphne Masque is brimming with stories about romance in the theatre. The longest relationship of her life has been with theatre. Either as a performer, director, educator and writer she’s never far from working on a production where she’s continually honing her craft and challenging her own skills. The second longest relationship of her life has been love and romance. Writing has taken up the last fifteen years of her life, with plays, short stories and now Romance Novels. The novels have grown out of the desire to share her experience with people who love both romance and theatre. Having sat in thousands of rehearsals, hundreds of play readings, dozens of costume fittings and an incalculable number of hours set building she feels ready to bring you a wide breadth of stories with some factual accuracy. Please join Daphne in her sometimes wacky, often fascinating, naturally heartfelt, journey into backstage romance.