Nudity Happens

Romance at the Empire Theatre Book 3

by Daphne Masque

Fairman Press

Contemporary Romance

March 15, 2019

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size (reprint)

Nudity Happens
by Daphne Masque

It was a dream come true. After all these years of hoping and believing, Faith Burke finally had a career working at a professional theatre company. Well, okay, maybe career is overstating it.

Truth is, The Empire Players, weren’t exactly professional either. They would be, soon, well, probably in the next couple of years.

Plus, Managing Director was a pretty big title for her, a constant beacon in a creative storm. That might be embroidering the truth a little; this was the last show of the season and all the hard work had been done.

Still, she had to manage the director and inspire courage to lead a band of thespians into an award-winning season. Okay, maybe not courage exactly, more like pig headed stubborn.

Which defined John Cutler to the bone. He was the director of “Hair, The Musical,” and had a daredevil smile that melted her heart. He was also the man who left her twenty-eight years ago when she needed him most. Now he was back and had aged like fine wine, looking better than she could have ever imagined.

Never mind him. She had a job to do — to make sure the show opened without a hitch. Easy Peasy. That is until John Cutler played the artistic integrity card and insisted on nudity in the production. Seriously?

Next thing she knew the show was spiraling rapidly into madness, the vandals struck, the zany criminals plotted her demise, and the picketing by the Honorable League threatened to cancel the show.

The only one who could help Faith was John, the man she couldn’t trust.

Originally indie published June 2018 in trade paperback.

Daphne Masque's Bio

Welcome to The Front Row Are you ready for a new Romance adventure? Multiple award winning, actor, director, and educator, Daphne Masque, will bring the world theatre into your life through entertaining theatrical romance novels. Daphne has worked in the theatre for over four decades and she’s putting all her experience in romance novels for you to enjoy. She’s got so much to tell you in stories set in, contemporary, historical, paranormal and more environments. Beyond the romantic love story, the primary thread holding her writing together is the theatre in all its glory. The kind of theatre where you’ll recognize your neighbor playing the lead, your aunt cutting a rug in the annual musical, or your nephew, the playwright, producing his first play. Her stories include capers, mysteries, ghostly sightings, full productions, comedies, drama’s, who knows where she’ll take you to live the romantic adventure in the theatre. While relaxing in The Front Row, you’ll get news of upcoming books, contests, give-aways, and special events. I promise to never spam you or sell your demographics. If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in small town theatre, you’ve just struck gold . . . Enjoy the adventure.