posted on March 29, 2018 by Barbara Longley

A Nod to the Scientists

by Barbara Longley

The sad news of Stephen Hawking’s recent passing made me think of my father, who was also a scientist. Dad had a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, and he was also a philosopher and a weaver of stories. I was close to my father, and we often sat at the dinner table long after my brothers and sisters left. When I was fairly young, most of our conversations consisted of my endless questions, and his patient answers. As I matured, our conversations morphed into discourse and debate about everything from the existence of God to the composition of matter and how the universe came into being, and whether or not it would end. One of my favorite topics, which I brought up frequently, was reincarnation.

The issue of reincarnation arose about the time I discovered Edgar Cayce’s books. I’d like to believe we are truly reborn, and not just as a metaphor. There are times when I’ve had dreams so vivid they seemed more memory than just “subconscious dumping,” and there have been times when I’ve visited a place and had the overwhelming sense that I’d been there before. On a few occasions, knowledge has popped into my head that I shouldn’t have had access to, having no previous exposure. Where did that knowledge come from? It’s possible I heard or read it somewhere I suppose. I don’t really have an answer, but I do like to imagine the possibilities.

Déjà vu, that feeling you’ve been there before, or that the situation currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past—powerful and a little bit spooky. Could Déjà vu be a DNA thing? Is it possible memories can be imbedded within our DNA and passed down from our antecedents? I argued with Dad on the side of reincarnation as fact, while he argued on the side of bio-chemical memories or impressions imbedded within our genes. To my way of thinking, life is far too complex for only one go. My father is long gone, and I miss him. I have no doubt his influence started me down the path of storytelling, and it was he who lit the spark of curiosity within.

Back to Stephen Hawking, a scientist who has challenged our concepts of time, space and the universe. He will be greatly missed. Scientists constantly push the boundaries of our understanding, and for that I am grateful. I am also grateful to have had the father I did. I like to imagine how our conversation would go and what we would discuss if he were still alive today. I wonder what Dad would make of my Celtic fantasies and time travel romances. I hope he’d be as proud of me as I always was of him.

Barbara Longley

Barbara Longley

Award winning, international Amazon #1 bestselling author Barbara Longley and each of her four siblings were born in different states, and because her family moved so frequently, she learned early on how to entertain herself with stories. As an adult, she has lived on a commune in the Appalachians, taught on an Indian reservation, and traveled from coast to coast. When her own children came along, she decided to try something new---staying put. Now she divides her time between Minnesota and the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Barbara holds a Masters in Education, and taught for many years. She enjoys exploring things mythical, metaphysical, paranormal and anything newsworthy. Much of what she learns makes its way into her stories, where all things are possible. She is a longstanding member of RWA, and is listed on their Honor Roll of Bestselling Authors. For more information about her books, visit

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2 thoughts on “A Nod to the Scientists”

  1. Avatar Beverly says:

    How blessed you were to have a close relationship with your father! I would have loved to have been an onlooker to your conversations. I’m sure they were fascinating!
    I believe he would love your books!

    1. Thanks, Bev! I was lucky.

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