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The Multitasking Writer – or not!

by Christine Goff

Dark WatersAs the mother of six kids, there was a time I thought I had this multitasking thing nailed. I could get the kids off to school, get the baby dressed, drop her at day care, get to the job on time, work a six hour day, pick the baby up and be home in time to greet the kids after school. I could clean up the house, make dinner, get everyone bathed, read to and off to bed. And I could still carve out time with the husband, to write a column for the local paper and to work on the novel-in-progress.

Then I sold my first book.

No problem! The kids were in school all day, and soon the part-time job was gone. But, I struggled a bit to factor in the before and after-school activities (art, violin lessons, sports), playdates and orthodontist appointments.

Then I sold a second series.

I think I can, I thought. I mean, the kids were all grown-up and on their own. My husband was still working, which meant I’d have all day to myself just to write. We even temporarily relocated for the job to a town where I only knew a handful of people—all of whom understood and supported my writing schedule.  I had this!


Writing two series has created a whole new set of problems. The first thing being, the genres are different. The new books are thrillers—big books with international settings, geopolitical themes, espionage and, well, thrills. The original series are cozies—smaller in size and scope, gentler. Trying to write two books (especially such diverse books) in one year has been a killer! I’m currently working on the sequel to my first thriller and struggling to meet an already extended deadline.

Second, there’s been the hands-on promotion. Writing two series means two launches and double the appearances from book clubs to library gigs to book store signings and author events. This year, my thriller DARK WATERS is nominated for two prestigious awards—the Colorado Authors’ League Genre Fiction Award and the Colorado Book Award, thriller category—which is super exciting. But, it adds to the facetime commitments, times two.

Third, there’s the behind-the-scenes stuff. Every author needs to be online, designing and/or ordering swag, responding to emails. I’ve been told that in order to make a ripple I need to be on Facebook and Goodreads daily, on Twitter three times a day, and blogging. Not to mention the emails, orders and correspondence required to stay in touch with my business associates and readers.

Fourth, there are conference appearances. As a thriller writer, I should go to ThrillerFest. As a cozy writer, I should go to Malice. As a mystery/thriller writer I should go to Bouchercon. Plus there are innumerable national, international and regional conferences to consider.

Owls CoverFifth, there’s the payback. As a successfully writer, I feel strongly that I need to be serving the writing community. Without an army of fellow writers, teachers and writing organizations I wouldn’t be where I am. I want to pay that investment forward by helping those coming up behind me.

Sixth, there’s life. I’m still a mother and a wife. I still have a furry friend I need to walk, exercise I need to get and meals to prepare.

And I know many of you are in the same place as me. You’re just as swamped and just as overwhelmed as I am, possibly more. I know, just like me, you’re wondering where the time goes and how you can possibly get everything done.

In trying to figure out the answer of how to strike a better balance, check things off my to-do list and be in three places at one time, I had an epiphany.

I’m not a multitasker at all. I never have been. I’m a juggler!

The fact is, we’re all jugglers. We all have a lot of balls in play. So, what’s the key to effective juggling? To know how many balls you can actually keep in the air.

According to my research, only a handful of people have reached a level where they can juggle eleven or twelve objects, and no one has ever juggled thirteen. It has to do with the speed one can effectively move their hands. This led me to conclude, in order to be successful at juggling, I would have to reduce the number of balls I’m handling at any one time.

So, what has to go?

Not family. They’re a keeper. But I can juggle them between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and on weekends, provided there isn’t an emergency. Not the books. But I can try and focus on one book at a time and devote my mornings to writing.  Not the business of writing. I have to answer emails, return phone calls and get online. But I can set specific hours in the afternoon and limit the time I spend on any given task. Not the public appearances, conferences or volunteering. All are important to me. But I can reduce the number of commitments I make.

So, how did I do? I think I’m down to fourteen balls.

Advice, anecdotes and suggestions are welcome!

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Christine Goff

Christine Goff

Chris Goff is an award-winning author of international thrillers and the Birdwatcher’s Mystery series. DARK WATERS, the first title in her new international thriller series, was released by Crooked Lane Books on September 15, 2015. Set in Israel amid the Israel-Palestine conflict, this series debut mirrors global headlines and will have readers frantically turning pages.

As Christine Goff she has written six novels in the bestselling Birdwatcher’s Mystery series, was nominated for two WILLA Literary Awards and a Colorado Author’s League Award, and published in Japan. Astor + Blue Editions has reissued her back list, and the 6th book in the series, A PARLIAMENT OF OWLS, is scheduled for release in May 10, 2016.

A former journalist, Goff began her career writing non-fiction for several local newspapers in Summit County, Colorado, as well as articles for regional and national publication. She later edited rock and ice-climbing guides for Chockstone Press, worked in graphic production for “Living the Good News,” a division of The Morehouse Publishing Group, and taught writing workshops for the Colorado Free University, the University of Colorado (multiple campuses), and at writer’s conferences internationally. A long-standing member of multiple writing organizations, she has served on several local, regional and national boards, including Mystery Writers of America.

4 thoughts on “The Multitasking Writer – or not!”

  1. Avatar Trude Vandine says:

    I like thrillers

    1. Chris Goff Chris Goff says:

      I hope you’ll try reading DARK WATERS, then. Since I wrote this blog post I learned that DARK WATERS has been nominated for an Anthony Award for Best Crime Fiction Audiobook. I’m still pinching myself.

  2. Avatar Alice Boni says:

    Gosh Christine, I think you are amazing. Remember to take a minute here and than to just to be still & take a deep breath. I love a good mystery thriller. Hugs Alice

    1. Chris Goff Chris Goff says:

      I think all of us have a tendency to take on too much–at least everyone I know. Breathing is a great idea.

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