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Summer Romance, Wine, Giveaway

THE MILLIONAIRE DADDY PROJECT, a Summer Romance – With Wine!

by Roxanne Snopek –

The Millionaire Daddy Project - a summer romance set in British Columbia, with wine

In my latest summer romance from Entangled Indulgence, THE MILLIONAIRE DADDY PROJECT, my foodie-hero tantalizes the heroine by asking her to test a new wine for his restaurant. Because my book is set in British Columbia, the hero has chosen a luscious Okanagan Valley wine. People, we’ve got world-class wines here in BC!

To prove it, I’ve got a beautiful book of BC wineries to give away to one of you. My husband and I have travelled through some of these and I know you’ll want to, too. Enter here:

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“Close your eyes.”

Dane tugged at the loosened knot of his tie, keeping his gaze on her.

“Why?” asked Pamela.

Close your eyes…so I can kiss you?

He took her hand and she jumped. His fingers were warm, the skin slightly rough.

“Easy, girl,” he said. Pamela heard the smile in his voice. He’d lowered his head so that his mouth was close to her ears. She felt his body heat radiating toward her, without any contact. She closed her eyes.

“Keep them closed,” he growled, the low vibrations rippling through her like a struck tuning fork. The warm air from his mouth touched the sensitive nerves deep inside her ears, tickling and teasing.

She lifted her face, helpless to resist the romance.

But instead of putting his lips on her, she felt the silk of his tie sliding over her eyes.

“Dane?” She pulled back, alarmed and excited in equal amounts.

“Trust me.”

She felt him place a chilled glass in her hand.

“You’re good with wine. I’m thinking of adding this one to our list and I want your opinion, blind. No clues. No looking at the bottle or the color or anything.”

She felt knocked off-kilter, hope and expectations and good sense clattering against each other like livestock in a train car. His shoulder brushed against hers, sending electricity up and down her bare arm. She shifted away. She should have worn a fleece hoodie.

“Don’t bump me,” she said, cradling the stemware. “I’ll spill it.”

“What do you smell?”

She smelled him. The Clive Christian was almost gone, wiped away by the long day in the salty ocean air. She smelled summer wind and cedar in his hair, the freshness of his cotton shirt and the slight tang of his skin, which made her want to lick him.


“Give me a minute. And stop crowding me.”

He didn’t want to know what he smelled like. She hastily put her nose into the glass and inhaled deeply.

“Citrus, for sure,” she said, forcing herself to focus. “Bell pepper. A hint of black pepper, too. Bright. A clear aroma, if that makes any sense. I like it.”

“Taste it.”

He touched her back as if to encourage her and jolts of heat fired throughout her body. With her elbows on the island, her back felt exposed, like he could slide onto the stool behind her and envelop her with his body.

Her glass jostled, and she accidentally took an overlarge sip, gulping the mouthful like a lumberjack chugging beer.

She wiped her mouth, feeling like an idiot. “Can I take off the blindfold?”

“No,” said Dane. “Here. Have a sip of water.”

He lifted a second glass to her mouth, guiding her face with his lean, elegant hands. When he removed the glass, one finger trailed just briefly from her cheek to her chin to her jaw, almost touching her ear. She shuddered, as nerves she didn’t even know she had leaped up, flash-mob style, singing in chorus.

“Now, try again.”

Dane’s voice was a caress, stroking the plucked nerves in her ear.

She took a slow sip, breathing through it to let the full flavor develop. Then she rolled it over her tongue, feeling the texture and weight of it before swallowing.

“It’s lovely,” she said. “Crisp, green-tasting. It would make a wonderful patio sipper. For the summer list at the Station.”

“That’s exactly what I thought, too. Ideas on the grape?”

“I’d say sauvignon blanc, but it’s not quite like what I’m used to. I’m not sure.”

“Okay, now keep your eyes closed but taste this, see if it makes a difference.”

He touched her chin with his knuckle, and she opened her mouth. She smelled something herbal and savory. She bit down. His finger grazed her lip, sending a shock of heat through her and nearly dropped the morsel. It crunched like a piece of melba toast. And on top, a thin slice of cucumber and fresh herbs.

“Is that dill?” Her voice was shaky.

A chuckle rumbled low in his throat. “And tarragon. Now, another sip.”

This time the flavor of the wine was even better.

“It’s got to be a sauvignon blanc.”

He touched the back of her head, and she felt the silk slip away from her face. She blinked once or twice. Dane was looking intently at her. He lifted his glass to hers, touching it gently until it made the musical clink.

“The girl knows her wine. It is a sauvignon blanc, but it’s from the Okanagan.”

Warmth spread through her that had nothing to do with the wine. She took another sip. “A BC sauv blanc, impressive.”

His chest rose at her words. He seemed inordinately pleased by her reaction. He was pleased. She was pleased. There was altogether too much pleasure going on between them.

The Millionaire Daddy Project
by Roxanne Snopek
 Release date: 5/12/15

 Sign: Leo

He takes control…and gives all kinds of pleasure

In the space of about a second, successful restaurateur Dane Bergman has gone from millionaire playboy to daddy. Now he’s the sole guardian of a very adorable and willful four-year-old child, and he’s counting on his executive assistant, Pamela Atwater, to save his ass. Even if it means bringing her along on a month-long ocean-side retreat…

Pamela Atwater prides herself on being the perfect assistant. Whatever Dane wants or needs, she’s there—pretending to ignore Dane’s golden charm and drop-dead gorgeousness. On vacation, however, Pamela sees a side of Dane she never imagined. And it’s a side that tempts her to cross the line between professional and personal. But is one month enough time to prove to Dane that his perfect assistant might just be his perfect match?

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Roxanne Snopek

Roxanne Snopek

Born under a Scorpio moon, raised in a little house on the prairie, USA Today Bestselling Author Roxanne Snopek said "as you wish" to her Alpha Farm Boy and followed him to the mountain air and ocean breezes of British Columbia. There, while healing creatures great and small and raising three warrior-princesses, they found their real-life happily-ever-after. After also establishing a successful freelance and non-fiction career, Roxanne began writing what she most loved to read: romance. Her small-town stories quickly became fan favorites; print editions of her latest series were recently launched in France.

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