Sweet Dreams in Magnolia Bloom

Magnolia Bloom Book 5

by Paula Adler

Self Published

Contemporary Romance

January 30, 2023

Available in: Paperback, e-Book

Sweet Dreams in Magnolia Bloom
by Paula Adler

Welcome to Magnolia Bloom, where hearts heal and magic happens...

Traycee Everson is proud of how far she's come and has a well of gratitude for the people who loved her when she was far from loveable. So why can't she extinguish this overwhelming dream of leaving Magnolia Bloom? This is her home. This is where she has a successful business. This is where she has family and friends.

And all she wants is to get away.

Just when it looks like she'll get her chance, obligation pulls her back, leaving Traycee struggling with the age-old question: What do you owe family?

Danica Broder is struggling with the same question from the other side. She got out of Magnolia Bloom before the ink was dry on her high school diploma. Now she's back to supervise her grandmother's recovery from surgery, and it seems the old cords are winding around her again. It scares her when the thought sneaks in that she might be fighting the wrong war. Maybe coming home is the best thing that could have happened... if she'll let it be.

Traycee and Danica, two women from the founding families of Magnolia Bloom, struggle to claim their dreams while family, friends, and history pull them in all directions.

Paula Adler's Bio

Paula Adler is a born and raised Texan with a traveling soul. She's Mom to the two greatest kids in the universe who make her proud every day. She and her husband defied convention and all naysayers to marry at seventeen and nineteen, and are still married over forty years later. She's now a full-time writer and indulging in her passion for SCUBA diving and dancing now that she's exited the corporate world and is doing her dream... one book at a time.