Final Leg

by Mike Krentz

Self Published

Mystery: Military Suspense

September 17, 2016

Available in: e-Book

Final Leg
by Mike Krentz

Broken warrior. Estranged daughter. Audacious flight.

Roy and Justin became best friends as they advanced through the naval aviation pipeline from Annapolis to the Persian Gulf. Neither Roy's failed marriage or Justin's untimely liaison with an admiral's daughter could spoil their intimate bond when soaring on mighty Tomcat wings. . .until the night an engine caught fire.

From adolescence to adulthood, Rachel Rogers strove in vain to build a filial bond with her seldom present father. Even after his solemn promise to reform near the end of his naval career, descent into alcohol assisted self-desecration made him all the more unreliable. At the limits of her resolve, Rachel pushed him out of her life.

Bereft, Roy straddles a blurred line between reality and fantasy. He plans a daring final flight to kill the pain of losing his best friend and his only child. Rachel must overcome her anger in a desperate effort to save him. Too late?

FINAL LEG is a 60-page novelette that describes the lives, flaws, conquests, and challenges of two naval aviators before and after mid-air tragedy. If you like realistic human drama and complex, believable characters, you'll love Mike J. Krentz's suspenseful story of life, conflict, and love in naval air.

Mike Krentz's Bio

Mike Krentz writes medical suspense, psychological thrillers, and military fiction featuring complex characters and relationships.

Born and raised in Arizona, Mike earned a classical degree in English from the University of San Francisco, a Doctor of Medicine degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin, and a Master of Public Health Degree from Johns Hopkins University.

Following a civilian career as an emergency physician, Mike rededicated his professional life to serve America's Navy and Marine Corps heroes and their families, and to honor their sacrifices in defending our freedom and way of life. His last active duty assignment was as 7th Fleet Surgeon on board the flagship, USS BLUE RIDGE.

After retiring from the US Navy, Dr. Krentz continued his service as a consultant supporting the Navy and Marine Corps Public Health Center. Upon completion of that mission, he returned to his earliest life passion as a full-time writer.

Dr. Krentz sits on the Board of Directors of The Muse Writers Center, where he teaches fiction writing and leads an advanced fiction studio.

Mike's fiction works include the DR. ZACK WINSTON SERIES of medical conspiracy thrillers, the MAHONEY & SQUIRE SERIES of military women's adventure fiction, and a standalone psychological thriller, ANGELS FALLING.

You can find Mike online at:, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.