Bengal's Quest

A Novel of the Breeds #14

by Lora Leigh


Paranormal Romance

February 2, 2016

ISBN-10: 0515153990

ISBN-13: 9780515153996

Available in: Paperback (reprint)

Bengal's Quest
by Lora Leigh

The #1 New York Times bestseling author of Rule
returns to the “highly charged and
carnal” (Fresh Fiction) world of her Breed
novels as two Breeds discover that it’s vengeance that
stirs the mating heat.

He was a shadow, ever shifting and insinuating, able to
blend in everywhere and anywhere. The elusive ideal
conceived and created by the Genetics Council, he went by
just as many names as he had identities—the last one
being Gideon.

Now calling himself Graeme, he hides in plain sight,
terrifyingly close to his goal. A rogue Bengal Breed, he is
loyal to no one but himself. And he has a need for vengeance
that surges hot and swift through his veins.

Graeme plans to wage an extreme and ruthless vendetta
against those who wronged him—Breed and human alike.
All will suffer his wrath: those who created him, those who
pretended to love him, and those who betrayed him. This
includes the one at the center of it all: a seductive,
enigmatic woman helpless against the man whose desire is
just as desperate as his need to destroy. And he’s
tracking her scent…

Originally published June 2015 in hardcover.

Lora Leigh's Bio

Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky, often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting. She dreams in bright, vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life, and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared. Lora's family, and her writing life co-exist, if not in harmony, in relative peace with each other. Surrounded by a menagerie of pets, friends, and a teenage son who keeps her quick wit engaged, Lora's life is filled with joys, aided by her fans whose hearts remind her daily why she writes.