One-Eyed Jack

The Deuces Wild Series: Book Three

by Irish Winters

Windy Days Press

Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance: Romantic Suspense

March 20, 2018

Available in: e-Book

One-Eyed Jack
by Irish Winters

Isaiah Zaroyin
Cool, calm, and collected are FBI Agent Isaiah Zaroyin’s middle names. He can’t afford to be anything less. His psychic gift demands it. The country and the world depend on it. Because of that gift, his life has become one measured breath after another—until he’s ordered to work undercover with a street-wise DC Metro cop. Diminutive Officer Thurston’s bossy, pushy, and thinks she’s in charge. Not hardly. Isaiah might to work with her, but he doesn’t have to like it. Or her.

Roxy Thurston
One of DC Metro’s finest, Roxy’s had her share of hard knocks. No ifs, ands, or buts about it, she is the job and the job is Roxy. Until Agent Zaroyin comes along, and she finds herself in the power struggle of her life. Roxy holds nothing back to prove that she’s the ‘better man.’ Too late, she begins to understand that once her heart’s involved…

Anything goes.

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Irish Winters' Bio

I always wanted to be a writer. I’ve dabbled in poetry, short stories, and more daydreaming than most. I remember long Sunday afternoon drives with my parents where they would tell us eight kids to: ‘Look out the window and see something!’ I’ve been looking out the window ever since…. In the great pines of the Pacific Northwest, I saw a woman with nowhere to run find refuge in the arms of a tender warrior who’d forgotten the man he once was… In the hills of Wyoming, I saw a man broken by the high cost of war, rediscover himself in the eyes of a pretty girl… And in the Dairy State, (yes Wisconsin), I saw two people overcome horrific obstacles on their way to happily-ever-after. Life is short.
Pick up a good book.
Enjoy. Look out the window and
See something!