In the Company of Snipers Book 20

by Irish Winters

Windy Days Press

Mystery: Romantic Suspense

December 25, 2019

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size

by Irish Winters

He’s a Boy Scout…
Former Army Captain Beckam Garner grew up in America’s heartland where people lived the Golden Rule. Honorable and steadfast, he now finds himself on a mission that will not only test his patience but every last one of his people skills. The job is simple: locate and neutralize the murderer targeting homeless veterans in Washington, DC. There’s just one problem. Of all the trained operators he could be working with, he’s stuck with The TEAM’s snarky secretary. What on earth is Alex Stewart thinking?

She’s better than everyone else…
Camilla Brinkman isn’t afraid of anything or anyone. She hates everyone equally and has no problem telling Alex Stewart precisely what she thinks of him and his almighty TEAM. The man is a flaming jerk. So are his minions. She’s smarter than all of them put together. All. Of. Them. Especially Beckam. She’ll show him…

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Irish Winters' Bio

I always wanted to be a writer. I've dabbled in poetry, short stories, and more daydreaming than most. I remember long Sunday afternoon drives with my parents where they would tell us eight kids to: 'Look out the window and see something!' I've been looking out the window ever since.... In the great pines of the Pacific Northwest, I saw a woman with nowhere to run find refuge in the arms of a tender warrior who'd forgotten the man he once was... In the hills of Wyoming, I saw a man broken by the high cost of war, rediscover himself in the eyes of a pretty girl... And in the Dairy State, (yes Wisconsin), I saw two people overcome horrific obstacles on their way to happily-ever-after. Life is short. Pick up a good book. Read. Write. Enjoy. Look out the window and See something!