by Donnell Ann Bell

Bell Bridge Books

Contemporary Romance, Mystery, Mystery: Romantic Suspense

November 18, 2013

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size

by Donnell Ann Bell

A mother told her baby’s death was a lie.

A daughter rocked by her true identity.

A detective risking his life to protect them both.

When Irene Turner learns the incomprehensible—that the stillborn she delivered 28-years earlier is alive, she takes the evidence to Major Crimes Detective Nate Paxton in Denver, Colorado. Nate can’t believe that the daughter stolen at birth is Kinsey Masters, a world-class athlete, raised by a prominent Denver family, and the unattainable woman he’s loved for years.

Irene, Nate, and Kinsey discover a sordid conspiracy, one that may get them all killed as they face past betrayals and destructive revenge.

Donnell Ann Bell's Bio

Donnell Ann Bell is an award-winning author who began her nonfiction career in newspapers. After she turned to fiction, her romantic suspense novels became Amazon bestsellers, including The Past Came Hunting, Deadly Recall, Betrayed, and Buried Agendas. In 2019, Donnell released her first mainstream suspense, Black Pearl, A Cold Case Suspense. In 2022, book two of the series was released. Until Dead, A Cold Case Suspense, won Best Thriller in 2023 at the Imaginarium Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. Currently, she's working on book three of the series. Readers can follow Donnell on her blog or sign up for her newsletter at