A Cup of Cheer

Series of Unconventional Courtships Book 4

by Deb Marlowe

Indie Published

Historical Romance: Victorian, Historical Romance: Regency

December 10, 2020

Available in: e-Book

A Cup of Cheer
by Deb Marlowe

Wine, women, song, adventure, even scandal. Lord Chester pursued them all—and used the chase to outrun the pain in his past. But when his carousing endangers a young boy, he wonders if he must reevaluate his choices.

The pain of Miss Julia Deering’s past keeps turning up in her present. She’s settled and content, now, though, as a lady’s companion, until the dowager countess’s notorious grandson arrives.

They are charged with bringing Christmas alive for the boy, the dowager and a quiet house, but they’ll uncover some truths about themselves along the way. Will the magic of the season convince them to believe in themselves—and each other?

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Deb Marlowe's Bio

Deb Marlowe loves History, England and Men in Boots. Clearly she was meant to write Regency Historical Romance! Deb grew up in Pennsylvania with her nose in a book. Luckily, she'd read enough romances to recognize the true modern hero she met at a college Halloween party---even though he wore a tuxedo t-shirt instead of breeches and tall boots. They married, settled in North Carolina and produced two handsome, intelligent and genuinely amusing boys. Though she spends much of her time with her nose in her laptop, for the sake of her family she does occasionally abandon her inner world for the domestic adventure of laundry, dinner and carpool. Despite her sacrifice, not one of the men in her family is yet willing to don breeches or tall boots. She's working on it. Deb loves to hear from readers! You can contact her at [email protected].