Twelve Lords for Yuletide: A Holiday Historical Romance Anthology

Romance for the Holidays Book 2

by Deb Marlowe, Claire Delacroix, Larissa Lyons, Ava Stone

Fiddlehead Press

Historical Romance: Anthology

November 1, 2022

Available in: e-Book

Twelve Lords for Yuletide: A Holiday Historical Romance Anthology
by Deb Marlowe, Claire Delacroix, Larissa Lyons, Ava Stone

From sweet kisses under the mistletoe to passionate encounters at holiday house parties, secret identities to second chances, find your Christmas cheer in these twelve different historical romance tales from bestselling and award-winning authors! The lord you've been looking for might be just a story away...

ONCE UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR (**medium) - Ava Stone

Only a duke will do for Lady Ivy Dallimore. If her unhappily married sisters have taught her anything, it's that love is fleeting but a title lasts forever, which is all well and good in theory until she finds herself falling for the scandalous third son of a marquess who is bound and determined to make his fortune in trade!


He's an unbendable lord. She's an unstoppable force. When these two clash, their winter nights will never be the same!

THE CHRISTMAS CONQUEST (***hot) - Claire Delacroix

Love was not part of the plan when this marriage was arranged... Can a matchmaking courtesan in disguise save this match before the new year dawns?

LADY, IT'S COLD OUTSIDE (*mild) - Deb Marlowe

Neither Lord Ellesworth nor Miss Glenna Bolton have much Christmas spirit this year. Neither have much desire to travel during the season, either, but a Star in the East, an abandoned child and a quest for holiday cheer might just convince these two that love is the best gift of the Season.

A WINTER WISH (*mild) - Nadine Millard

Mariah Bolton is as headstrong as she is clever, as strong-willed as she is beautiful. She enjoys her life and, apart from a rather snobbish mama, she is happy with her lot. Imagine her consternation then when her world is turned upside down by the brooding and aloof Mr. Brandon Haverton!


Matilda needs a miracle. She left Henry, her first and only love, over a decade ago. Now she's back and determined to piece his heart back together. But she only has one night to do it.

A VERY MERRY VISCOUNT (*mild) - Jane Charles

The thought of spending Christmas at Danby Castle with her matchmaking great-uncle fills Lady Tabitha Storm's heart with dread, until she spies the handsome horseman from Hyde Park. Would Andrew Delaney, Viscount Straffan, receive more this holiday than he ever dreamed, or would his Irish heritage stand in his way?

THE LADY'S GUIDE TO A HIGHLANDER'S HEART (***hot) - Emmanuelle de Maupassant

Meet a young bride in disguise and a battle-hardened Highland warrior in this passionate'enemies to lovers'medieval romance.

MASKED LOVE (*mild) - Nicole Zoltack

An evening of enchantment has a maid wishing a lord might look past his station this Christmas season.


She deliberately steps on his toes to avoid marriage and he retaliates by proposing a fake engagement. A Regency enemies to friends to lovers romance, with a touch of brother's best friend, and a whole lot of banter and steamy scenes.

A SNOWLIT CHRISTMAS KISS (**medium) - Larissa Lyons

When a mischievous feline nudges two lonely souls together on a wretched, snowy night, a few Christmas kisses might be all they need. But he's engaged, and she's decided to never marry, so in the morning they go their separate ways, leaving pieces of their hearts behind...until a Twelfth Night Ball brings misunderstandings to light and merry tidings to one and all.

A DUKE FOR MIDWINTER (*mild) - Anthea Lawson

After a gentleman rescues her from a winter storm, Miss Selene Banning finds herself snowbound with Sir Jared Kendrick, who is not precisely who he claims to be...

Scoop up the first collection, Twelve Lords for Christmas, for more heartwarming tales of the holidays!

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Deb Marlowe's Bio

Deb Marlowe loves History, England and Men in Boots. Clearly she was meant to write Regency Historical Romance! Deb grew up in Pennsylvania with her nose in a book. Luckily, she'd read enough romances to recognize the true modern hero she met at a college Halloween party---even though he wore a tuxedo t-shirt instead of breeches and tall boots. They married, settled in North Carolina and produced two handsome, intelligent and genuinely amusing boys. Though she spends much of her time with her nose in her laptop, for the sake of her family she does occasionally abandon her inner world for the domestic adventure of laundry, dinner and carpool. Despite her sacrifice, not one of the men in her family is yet willing to don breeches or tall boots. She's working on it. Deb loves to hear from readers! You can contact her at