The Writer Behind the Words

Steps to Success in the Writing Life

by Dara Girard

ILORI Press Books LLC


June 14, 2021

Available in: e-Book, Trade Size (reprint)

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The Writer Behind the Words
by Dara Girard

“A highly motivational resource.” The Midwest Book Review

At some point in their career, all writers experience either the pain of rejection, discouragement, disappointment, and/or other hazards of the writing life. The key is to identify the obstacles ahead and know how to overcome them.

Learn the truth about failure.

Discover the ultimate dream killer.

Find out how to get rid of a wet blanke.

Discover the one secret every full-time writer knows.

And much more…

This revised and update edition includes information for indie authors, expands on the necessary traits of long-term professionals and addresses other changes in the industry.

Your destiny is at hand!

Originally published September 2007 and October 2020 - this is a revised and updated edition.

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Dara Girard's Bio

Dara Girard is a national bestselling author of more than thirty books. Her multicultural stories are known for their fast pace, interesting plot twists and witty dialogue. Dara writes in different subgenres from contemporary romance, romantic suspense to women’s fiction. She also writes nonfiction books. Dara lives in Maryland.