Pawprints on the Roof

Pawprints Book 5

by Dara Girard

ILORI Press Books LLC

Science Fiction / Fantasy

July 26, 2023

Available in: e-Book

Pawprints on the Roof
by Dara Girard

Paul Gibbons didn't particularly like cats.

But he liked cat fables even less.

Especially the fable about a cat that arrives during the holidays and towers over buildings with its glowing eyes and sharp whiskers.

A monstrous cat that both intrigued and terrified him when he heard the story as a child.

But he knew the cat didn't exist.

Until a scared kitten began to make him wonder...

A fantasy short story in the Pawprints series

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Dara Girard's Bio

Dara Girard is a national bestselling author of more than thirty books. Her multicultural stories are known for their fast pace, interesting plot twists and witty dialogue. Dara writes in different subgenres from contemporary romance, romantic suspense to women’s fiction. She also writes nonfiction books. Dara lives in Maryland.