DG Starter Bundle: Romance

by Dara Girard

ILORI Press Books LLC

Contemporary Romance: Anthology

September 6, 2017

Available in: e-Book

DG Starter Bundle: Romance
by Dara Girard

Start a fun romance series in this special 3-book bundle.

Dive into the “Henson Series” with Table for Two, learn about “The Black Stockings Society” in Power Play and uncover the start of the “It Happened One Wedding” series with Unexpected Pleasure.

(originally published November 2003 in mass market paperback by Harlequin Kimani Arabesque and reissued May 2011 in eBook by ILORI Press Books)

After a disastrous weight-loss program and devastating divorce, self-help author and teacher Cassie Graham has given up on diets and men. So when she meets reclusive restaurant owner, Drake Henson, a man with gorgeous eyes and a sexy grin, who has a bigger appetite for food than she does, she’s ready to resist her attraction and run for cover.

Drake Henson knows all about running. For the past several years he’s tried to distance himself from his past and the struggle of raising his two younger siblings on the streets of DC. When he takes one of Cassie’s classes to improve his social skills, he experiences his first taste of true desire. Now he just needs to convince Cassie that he’s the man she can trust and only the size of her heart matters.

(originally published July 2008 in mass market paperback by Harlequin Kimani and reissued July 2016 in eBook by ILORI Press Books LLC)

Mary was a little lamb…

Mary Reyland wants revenge against Edmund Davis, the man who cost her a promotion. Tired of being taken for granted and overlooked, she eagerly puts on a pair of sexy fishnets for her next business meeting…

Until she decided to take control…

Her new look shocks Edmund, who never expected much from ‘mousy’ Mary. He likes being in charge, but the newly confident Mary makes that difficult. However, he won’t give up easily and soon discovers a new challenge—getting Mary to see his way in both business and pleasure…

(originally published Octobedr 2016 in trade paperback and eBook by ILORI Press Books LLC)

When Tanna Ariyo gets dumped at her twin sisters’ wedding, she throws caution to the wind and asks a handsome stranger for a simple request.

She expects him to turn her down.

He doesn’t.

Soon an evening she’d thought would be a disaster turns into something more. And before she knows it, Tanna finds herself falling for a man who could either break her heart or give her unexpected pleasure…

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Dara Girard's Bio

Dara Girard is a national bestselling author of more than thirty books. Her multicultural stories are known for their fast pace, interesting plot twists and witty dialogue. Dara writes in different subgenres from contemporary romance, romantic suspense to women’s fiction. She also writes nonfiction books. Dara lives in Maryland.