The Brightest Shade

Phoenix Institute Series Book 3

by Corrina Lawson

Self Published

Paranormal Romance

September 3, 2018

Available in: e-Book (reprint)

The Brightest Shade
by Corrina Lawson

Noir, a talented artist, is having a helluva year, at least the part she remembers. She’s invisible, she’s lost her memory, and the scientist who did it to her is nowhere to be found.

Luckily, there’s hope. In Charlton City, everyone knows to call Detective Fixit to solve unsolvable problems.

Aloysius James just wants to get through one day without being called Detective Fixit, but in a crumbling city like Charlton, he does what needs to be done. When he encounters an attractive woman completely swathed in black, out for justice, and needing his help, Noir becomes a mystery he must unwrap.

Noir would love to have Al’s arms around her, as he’s the first person to hear her story and not run away screaming, but listening and believing are two different things. Al can’t deny Noir’s invisibility but he considers the rest of her story crazy, especially the part about the scientist controlling a monster that could wreck havoc on Charlton City.

Without Al’s help, Noir’s doomed to fail in her struggle against the scientist. Will Al trust her in time to save her and the city he’s sworn to protect?

Originally published June 2012 as LUMINOUS in eBook by Samhain Publishing.

Corrina Lawson's Bio

Corrina is a writer, mom, geek and occasional superhero. She's a former newspaper reporter with a degree in journalism from Boston University, she works from home writing romance novels with a geeky twist and as the Content Director of Her novels include The Curse of the Brimstone Contract, a romantic steampunk mystery; the award-winning and USA Today-recognized superhero romance series, the Phoenix Institute, which includes: Phoenix Rising, Luminous, Phoenix Legacy, Ghost Phoenix, Ghosts of Christmas Past, and Phoenix Inheritance; and the erotic Freya's Gift, a tale of Vikings in North America and a fertility ritual.