Dark Inferno

Phoenix Institute Series Book 2

by Corrina Lawson

Self Published

Paranormal Romance

August 2, 2018

Available in: e-Book

Dark Inferno
by Corrina Lawson

Delilah Sefton has everything she wanted: a bar to run, a home, and peace for the first time in her difficult life. Until the day she wakes up with bruises and no memory of what caused them. But when she discovers she’s pregnant she’s certain of two things; she wants the child and she wants to make whoever attacked her pay.

Philip Drake, a former black ops CIA agent, is at loose ends, uncertain of what to do with his newfound immortality. Then he discovers that someone has experimented with his genetic code and, worse, that they’ve used his childhood friend as an unwitting test subject. He’s intent on protecting her and destroying them.

Instead of welcoming his help, Delilah rejects him because the old wounds of his betrayal are not yet healed

But she may not have a choice, as her captors will stop at nothing to steal her baby.

Unless Del and Drake learn to heal the past and fight together, they’ll lose their future.

Author’s Note: This book was originally published November 2012 in eBook and December 2013 in trade paperback as Phoenix Legacy by Samhain Publishing.

Corrina Lawson's Bio

Corrina is a writer, mom, geek and occasional superhero. She's a former newspaper reporter with a degree in journalism from Boston University, she works from home writing romance novels with a geeky twist and as the Content Director of GeekMom.com. Her novels include The Curse of the Brimstone Contract, a romantic steampunk mystery; the award-winning and USA Today-recognized superhero romance series, the Phoenix Institute, which includes: Phoenix Rising, Luminous, Phoenix Legacy, Ghost Phoenix, Ghosts of Christmas Past, and Phoenix Inheritance; and the erotic Freya's Gift, a tale of Vikings in North America and a fertility ritual.