Every Single Secret

by Christina Dodd


Mystery: Psychological Thrillers, Contemporary Romance: Romantic Suspense

March 5, 2024

ISBN-10: 1335008500

ISBN-13: 9781335008503

Available in: Hardcover, Audio, e-Book

Every Single Secret
by Christina Dodd

When she was fourteen, Rowan Winterbourne's Coast Guard stepfather was forced to kill the criminal son of the drug and arms dealer Gregory Torval. In the brutal retaliation that followed, her mother died. Her sister vanished. Her stepfather took Rowan on the run, taught her skills no young woman should have to know, and half a lifetime later...the adult Rowan lives in a lighthouse on the California coast, anonymous and forever alone.

Joe Grantham appears on Rowen's doorstep, and for the first time, she gets it wrong. Horrifically, passionately wrong. She lets him in, reveals too much, and he blackmails Rowan to go with him to Raptor Island, Torval's island, for she'll provide the deadly, volatile Torval with distraction from Joe's secret agenda.

On the island, she faces...terror. Truths she never imagined. Death in all its savagery. Joe presents himself as her lover and only ally, but now she knows better than to trust him. She can't escape Raptor Island except...she's been here before. She faced the horrors before. She's plotted her revenge, and she knows what she must do.

Yet what---or who---must she sacrifice to escape from Raptor Island alive one last time?

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Christina Dodd's Bio

New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd builds worlds filled with suspense, romance and adventure and creates the most distinctive characters in fiction today. Her fifty+ novels --- suspense, paranormals, and historicals --- have been translated into twenty-five languages, won Romance Writers of America's prestigious Golden Heart and RITA Awards and been called the year's best by Library Journal. Dodd herself has been a clue in the Los Angeles Times crossword puzzle --- her mother was totally impressed. With more than twenty-five million of her books in print and eBook, her legions of fans always know that when they pick up a Christina Dodd book, they've found, "an absolute thrill ride of a book!" Enter Christina's worlds at ChristinaDodd.com and join her mailing list for news, and book sales.