Camera Ready

Truth, Lies and Love in Advertising Book 1

by Adele Royce

Dagmar Miura

Contemporary Romance

August 23, 2020

ISBN-10: 1951130782

ISBN-13: 9781951130404

Available in: Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, e-Book

Camera Ready
by Adele Royce

Camera Ready offers a compelling version of a love triangle at its center, as L.A. executive Jane Mercer follows a tortuous path toward her version of the American dream.

Jane finally has her life together. She is vice president of accounts at the advertising agency Warren Mitchell & Partners. She has a stable long-term relationship with classical violinist Derek Lowell and a bright future full of family, close friends, and success. But a surprise encounter with Craig Keller-managing partner of Keller Whitman Group and a powerful advertising magnate-stirs up emotions from her disastrous liaison with him two years earlier. This meeting and an unexpected photo of the two in a popular tabloid topples her secure world, threatening to destroy everything she's worked to gain.

As Jane anxiously watches, Keller Whitman Group buys out her employer, resulting in the savagely handsome Craig becoming Jane's new boss. In addition to his alluring yet reprehensible behavior, he now has authority and control over her. Jane feels her autonomy stripped away as Craig ties her promotion to a consensual relationship with him. Worse still, Jane's visceral attraction to him still burns, despite her wishes to keep him in her past. Forced to face up to her emotional bondage to Craig, Jane must find inner strength to live with integrity-or risk sinking into the morass of decadence and greed that is Keller Whitman Group.

Adele Royce's Bio

Adele Royce holds a BA in English from Arizona State University, where she graduated magna cum laude. Her published novels include Camera Ready, Princess Smile, and For Position Only, which was a BookLife by Publisher's Weekly Editor's Pick. An advertising and PR executive, Adele spent most of her career on the Las Vegas Strip, an experience that gave color to her novel, Summer's Blood. She is currently working on the sequel to Summer's Blood featuring the next generation of the Keller/Van Ness family, as well as Deadly Sins, a collection of short stories. Adele owns a marketing consulting firm in San Diego, California, where she resides with her husband and two cats. Learn more at