For Position Only

Truth, Lies and Love in Advertising Book 2

by Adele Royce

Dagmar Miura

Contemporary Romance

May 3, 2021

ISBN-10: 1951130774

ISBN-13: 9781951130565

Available in: Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, e-Book

For Position Only
by Adele Royce

For Position Only, the sequel to Camera Ready, is an evocative tale of one man's sin and redemption---woven into the fabric of the advertising business, where lies run rampant and the truth is manipulated.
Craig Keller is LA's preeminent ad man: wealthy, powerful, and a notorious playboy. At least, that is what he'd like everyone to think. In reality Craig's business is plummeting at the hands of blonde bombshell and spurned ex-girlfriend Hayden Towne. He is also haunted by the gruesome death of his brother, which occurred under suspicious circumstances.
Craig's only chance to salvage his career is to propose a partnership with longtime rival Warren Mitchell, his former mentor, whose business Craig cavalierly took down in the past. Although Craig's advertising prowess can catapult Warren's business to the top of the market, Craig's womanizing reputation comes with a price. Craig is specifically warned to avoid Jane Mercer, Craig's ex-lover, and Warren's agency partner.
Craig has privately carried a torch for Jane for years---despite her visceral hatred of him. Her presence is a painful reminder that he lost the one woman he always wanted because he treated her so badly. As the barriers between them slowly break down, Craig is now faced with the ultimate dilemma: if he dives into a relationship with Jane, his livelihood is in jeopardy. If he rejects her, he will miss out on his one true love.

Adele Royce's Bio

Adele Royce (a pen name concocted from two middle names) has had quite a journey so far. She fell in love with advertising at an early age -- mostly from watching daytime reruns of Bewitched -- this when skipping class through some feigned ailment. And, although Adele prefers Darrin 2 to Darrin 1, she was interminably fixated on the hilarity of mixing witchcraft with the invention of advertising campaigns, and the drama surrounding it. Born in the heart of Los Angeles, Adele grew up not knowing what she wanted to be. But she wrote. Starting around age seven, she drove her teachers crazy pushing stories and poetry. She always had a penchant for the English language, which naturally, and rather stereotypically, made her horrible at math. Adele entered college and became an English major (no surprise!), reading and writing about the literary greats. Her favorite authors? Nabokov, the Brontes, Hugo, Whitman -- the pop 40 of classics. But her guilty pleasure was what became chick lit or women's fiction or whatever the branding geniuses ended up with to describe stories women like -- stories about relationships, men and women, singlehood, marriage and motherhood -- stuff that should be consumed on a cozy couch dressed in pajamas and sipping wine. After getting her lit degree, Adele pursued a career every English major would love: She went into publicity and advertising in the casino industry. Adele originally vowed to be an English professor -- but being broke and in severe student loan debt put her on a different path. After wandering the hinterlands of Nevada seeking adventure, she landed on the Las Vegas Strip. The casino industry in general is a mind-blowing experience; but picture a youngish PR woman juggling the promotion of famous entertainers, restaurants, night clubs and retail stores. Oh, and gambling. Lots of gambling. Adele essentially got into The Fly machine with Curious George (not saying she looks anything like a monkey) unwittingly scraping up against non-fictional characters who boasted joyously unsavory reputations one could only imagine. Yet, they existed in her colorful world full of unbelievable plot twists -- for many years. With some luck, Adele took her PR battle scars and moved into advertising; her already unpredictable life changed forever. For this was what she always dreamed of since her Bewitched days -- but now she could live it, sans witchcraft, for the most part. Adele's passion for writing conjured three manuscripts in a series -- all about the world of advertising. The trilogy is rife with vibrant fictional characters in Adele's favorite city: L.A. Adele has also received 10 consecutive first place awards for her short stories -- soon to be published in a collection! Adele resides in San Diego, California with her husband and cat.