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Writerspace Welcomes New Authors

  • RP Dahlke

    RP, AKA Rebecca Dahlke was raised on her father’s 80 acres of Almonds & crop dusting ranch south of Modesto, California. She’s been writing since 1994, first with a writing group in the East Bay Area and then when she and her husband went sailing. My protagonist for the Dead Red Mystery series is a tall, blond ex-model turned crop-duster who, to quote Lalla Bains, has “been married so many times they oughta revoke my license.” Lalla is no Danielle Steele character & she’s not afraid...

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  • Taralynn Moore

    Taralynn has a degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts and has spent most of her professional career behind the scenes of the beauty industry in sales and distribution. Now she’s returned to one of her first passions as an author. She enjoys writing and reading stories that involve real character emotion with a twist of the unexpected. Her work often reflects a glossy and cinematic feel, with interwoven story lines, and hints of mystery.

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  • Stacy Finz

    Stacy Finz is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. After more than twenty years covering notorious serial killers, naked-tractor-driving farmers, fanatical foodies, aging rock stars and weird Western towns as a newspaper reporter, she figured she finally had enough material to launch a career writing fiction. She is the author of the Nugget Romance series (Kensington/Lyrical Press), the Garner Brothers series (Kensington/Zebra) and the upcoming Dry Creek...

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  • Hope Moore

    Hope Moore is the pen name of an award-winning author who lives in Texas surrounded by cowboys. She loves writing clean & wholesome, swoon-worthy, sweet inspirational and Christian romances. Her heartwarming stories are full of gorgeous heroes to love and the spunky women they fall in love with and live happily-ever-after with. When she isn’t writing, she’s trying very hard not to cook, since she could live on peanut butter sandwiches, coffee, and cheesecake. She’s on social media very...

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  • Danica Winters

    Danica Winters is a Publishers Weekly, Walmart, and Amazon bestselling author who has won multiple awards for writing books that grip readers with their ability to drive emotion through suspense and occasionally a touch of magic. Her books have won numerous awards, but she says that her greatest joy is hearing that the worlds she creates have helped to provide escapes for those who need it most. She loves to travel to meet her fans, sign books, and participate in book festivals, reader...

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  • Desiree Holt

    USA Today Bestselling and award winning author Desiree Holt writes everything form romantic suspense and paranormal to erotic, a genre in which she is the oldest living author She has been referred to by USA Today as the Nora Roberts of erotic romance,and is a winner of the EPIC E-Book Award, the Holt Medallion and a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice nominee. She has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning and in The Village Voice, The Daily Beast, USA Today, The (London) Daily Mail, The New Delhi...

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  • Laura Scott

    I’m often asked when I started writing and I have to be honest, I can’t remember when I wasn’t writing. I loved books as a kid and like many authors I ran out of stories that I liked to read so I began to make up my own. I wrote my first teen novel when I was thirteen and my first romance when I was seventeen. Of course neither manuscript was very good, but I never gave up and after I finished Graduate school I decided to take some time for myself and get back to my writing. I’m so glad I...

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December News

Leanne Banks

Leanne Banks says take a look at these fabulous 99 cent ebook Christmas collections to get you in the mood!  UNFORGETTABLE CHRISTMAS DREAMS and CHRISTMAS SHORTS.

Joanne Rock

This month, Joanne Rock is thrilled to share the second book in her new Mesa Falls series from Harlequin Desire, THE RIVAL. Book 1, THE REBEL, was a Harlequin Junkie Recommended Read. On December 1st, look for a release day giveaway on Joanne's Facebook page, and on December 2nd, there will be a spotlight and giveaway at Harlequin Junkie. Also, look for the 12 Days of Desire from the Desire authors starting December 1st.

Kat Martin

Hello Friends, wishing you all a blessed Christmas season. Hope you find much joy! Stay safe & warm and slow down so you may truly enjoy your family and friends.


The holiday season is upon us and my Christmas novella, THE CHRISTMAS CLOCK, will be selling for $1.99 (e-book) in December. It's "an emotion-packed contemporary romance that will have you smiling one moment and in tears the next."


My short story, OUTLAW GHOST, will be debut in the Kindle store on Amazon in December for $.99!

Callie Sutton, new to Texas, had just moved into the Victorian home she had inherited from a distant aunt. It had been empty and in disrepair for thirty years. Ghostly sounds in the house on her first night made Callie extremely uneasy. She didn't believe in ghosts. The single red rose she found lying on top her kitchen table the next morning made her insides tightened. Her 911 call brought Sheriff Brendan Trask to her door. Would this strong incredibly handsome man be able to keep her safe?

I hope you'll watch for OUTLAW GHOST, and if you haven't read THE CHRISTMAS CLOCK, I hope you'll pick it up.


Buy on Amazon

Buy on Amazon

Marie Ferrarella

January 2020 marks my 300th book with Harlequin. I began writing for them when they were still known as Silhouette. The company was eventually bought out by Harlequin and, other than 11 books elsewhere, Harlequin has been home for me ever since January 1983, two months before my son was born. Thank you Harlequin--and of course you wonderful readers--for making me feel appreciated.

Meg Tilly

After selling her beach house and moving into town, Meg and her husband are unpacking boxes while wrapping others for her grown children, who will all be home for Christmas. On the writing front, Meg is working on her next novel and winding up promotions for HIDDEN COVE, the third sexy, romantic suspense novel in her Solace Island series, which made its stellar debut in October. HIDDEN COVE would make the perfect gift for readers who enjoy the kind of edgy action that characterized many of the movies in which Meg has acted---plus a delicious dose of romance. A widowed art gallery owner, Zelia Thompson, and crime fiction novelist Gabe Conaghan work furiously to solve the murder of Zelia's close friend, who mysteriously dies of a "drug overdose." But Alexus Feinstein didn't do drugs ... and the killer has earmarked Zelia as his next victim. (A bonus: Gabe's lovable parents!)

Get your copy of HIDDEN COVE today, and pick up extras for holiday gift-giving!

Christina Dodd

When we moved into our new house, to celebrate, we got this Christmas tree. It was too tall for our great room ... and the ceiling's 16' 8". Don't laugh, our friends Donna and Monty gave it to us, so it was free and we didn't have to chop it down. The Husband cut a foot off the bottom and a foot and a half off the top. We carried it in. (Our manly neighbor was conveniently not home to help, so I got elected to carry the "light" end. My contribution consisted mostly of saying, "Wait! I'm standing on a branch!")

When we stood it up, the tree hit the ceiling. The Husband got the loppers, stood on the ladder and cut off another foot and a half. Some might say it smelled like a Christmas tree in here. Actually, it smelled like the whole forest. We had to buy garlands, bulbs and lights (ya think?), and we risked our lives to decorate the tree by using extendo-pinchers and tall ladders. Everyone in the family thoroughly enjoyed the tree.

A few days after Christmas, we invited Donna and Monty to dine with us, drink with us, and admire our gorgeous tree --- which makes the evening's events so much more appropriate.

We were in the great room after dinner, chatting and relaxing. Donna and I sat on the couch, Monty sat on a chair facing us, The Husband was on the other couch, also facing us. The tree was off to our right. And right in the middle of the conversation, Monty who is a erudite, articulate, learned man, shouted (and I'm quoting him exactly), "Ptrmmble! Shxzmnrt! Argk!"...READ MORE:

Debbie Mason

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Join us in December on social media as we celebrate the season of thanks and giving with the McBrides of Christmas, Colorado and the Gallaghers of Harmony Harbor! We'll be sharing holiday tips and treats and hosting giveaways as well as sharing the inside scoop from Christmas, Harmony Harbor, and Highland Falls, North Carolina, the location of my all-new series. And make sure you sign-up for my December 13 newsletter to receive bonus material from SNOWBOUND AT CHRISTMAS (reissue), my November 5 release.

Desiree Holt

Desiree Holt reveals a new release in her bestselling Phoenix Agency series plus new books set in the Phoenix Agency World

Fans of Desiree Holt's Phoenix Agency series---military romantic suspense with paranormal elements---finally have a new story to enjoy. UNEXPECTED RISK, book 7 in the series, releases on February 28, 2020, along with several other stories written by authors hand-selected by Desiree to write in her Phoenix Agency World.  Look for thrilling romantic adventures from Krista Ames, Rebecca Baker, Anna Blakely, EmKay Connor, Dara Fraser, Laura Garland, Nicole Morgan, Kate Richards and Amy Ruttan.

UNEXPECTED RISK is now available for pre-order on Amazon. For more information and exclusive previews, giveaways and more, join Desiree's reader group on Facebook:

Kate White

Cover Reveal

I'm thrilled to show you the cover of my next standalone psychological thriller, HAVE YOU SEEN ME?, which will be published in April by Harper Collins.


On a rainy fall morning, personal finance journalist Ally Linden shows up at the office, grabs a seat in the conference room, and starts scribbling notes. But minutes later she's told she doesn't actually work there anymore. In fact, she hasn't been an employee for the past five years. Ally, it turns out, has no memory of anything before this exact moment.

Before long her memory returns---except for the past two days. Where was she during that time and what was she doing? Does her husband know more than he's letting on? And why does she have blood-stained tissues in her pocket.

As she sets out on a desperate search for the truth, Ally must dig deep into the secrets of her past, learn to spot the lies in people's eyes, and outsmart the unseen person who seems determined to silence her.

Yes, you can pre-order now!

Barnes & Noble

Connie Mann

Just in time for holiday gift-giving, BEYOND RISK is currently on sale!

"BEYOND RISK is a delightful mixture of small-town romance, high-octane suspense, and breath-taking outdoor settings in the rivers and waterways of Florida. But what truly sets it apart is its focus on family and friendships. It was so much fun seeing a heroine who could out shoot, out think, and out-smart just about anyone...but gorgeous Hunter Boudreau, with his sexy Cajun drawl, is still going to do everything he can to take care of the woman he's falling in love with." -- Must Love Romantic Suspense

"If you have never read a book by Connie Mann this is an excellent place to start." -- Amazon review

"This book kept me on the edge of my seat and guessing the whole way." -- Amazon review

You can grab a copy HERE.

In exciting personal news, my daughter and I are going to Manila, Philippines, over Christmas to visit the School in a Cart, which helps street children get an education. If charitable giving is part of your Holiday tradition, I hope you'll consider lending them a hand. Find out more HERE and come follow our trip on Facebook or Instagram.

Terri Osburn

This is the perfect time of year for Christmas reads, and Terri Osburn has two to pick from. Check out COWBOYS FOR CHRISTMAS, a three-story anthology in which the same two-week tale is told from three different couples' points of view, all leading to a Christmas wedding. Kim Law and Liz Talley are the other star writers in the collection. Then click over to AMONG THE STARS, a fun installment in the Shooting Stars series that features a Christmas Eve meet-cute, a sexless one-night-stand, and a fake relationship that turns very real before the ball drops on New Year's Eve. Both options are available on Amazon and included with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Mary Jo Putney

FINALLY Mary Jo Putney's two new audiobooks are available!  Both ANGEL ROGUE and her novella THE CHRISTMAS CUCKOO are lighthearted stories, fun for the busy holiday season, and both are narrated by the wonderful Siobhan Waring.

ANGEL ROGUE, Fallen Angels #4:   A master spy with the face of a fallen angel and a darkly heroic past, Lord Robert Andreville returns to his ancestral Yorkshire home after a dozen harrowing years spying against Napoleon. Nothing soothes his ravaged spirit until a determined young beauty sweeps into his life.  Half Mohawk and all American, Maxima Collins will let nothing halt her journey to London to learn the truth about her father's sudden death---not even a self-appointed guardian who is all lazy charm and dangerous skill....

THE CHRISTMAS CUCKOO: Practical Meg Lambert drives to the local inn to collect her brother's friend Jack Howard--and comes home with the wrong Jack Howard! With Meg and her family, Jack finds a warmth he's yearned for all his life, but what will happen when the right Jack Howard turns up for Christmas?  A mere two hours long, The Cuckoo is bargain priced for holiday fun. and

Sabrina Jeffries

Regency treats for readers all month long!

Join Sabrina Jeffries on Facebook all month long for a Regency Advent Countdown to Christmas! The New York Times bestseller will give away goodies to readers and share holiday-themed Regency tidbits during the Christmastide countdown. For even more book-loving fun, join Sabrina's Dames and Dukes Facebook group where the author hangs out with friends and readers. See you there!

Escape the Hustle & Bustle with Romantic Novellas

In desperate need of a happily ever after but too busy to finish a full-length novel? Download these fan-favorite works of short fiction by Sabrina Jeffries.



Pre-order THE BACHELOR, book two in Sabrina's new Duke Dynasty series, and start reading February 25! In this irresistible tale, Lady Gwyn Drake must decide which is the greatest risk: deflecting a scoundrel's attempts to sabotage her reputation---or revealing her whole heart to the rugged bodyguard she can't resist...

For information about more great Regency reads, visit

Cathryn Marr

Enjoy a romantic paranormal holiday in your favorite, cozy reading spot with Cathryn Marr's debut novel SOUL KEEPER in hand. Book 1 in the Brotherhood of Shadows series, this exciting story is about an ancient evil that has awakened and the fallen angel warriors, honed in the depths of hell, who may be humankind's last hope.

Cathryn Marr, the talented writing duo of Dawn Johanson and Terese Ramin, will release three more books in the series, SOUL BOUND, SOUL THIEF, and another TBD title. Make sure to sign up for Cathryn Marr's newsletter, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram, to be the first to know about release dates for this incredible series. (And to enter to win tons of fabulous, bookish giveaways!)

For more about these exciting newcomers to the romance community, visit, where you can also read an excerpt from SOUL KEEPER, as well as learn more about the next books in their Brotherhood of Shadows series.

RP Dahlke

I have a new boxed set THE DEAD RED MYSTERY SERIES. Books 1-2-3, is a 50% discount off the individual books.

I'm writing a new mystery series, and because my readers get a kick outta being a character in my books, I'm raffling off names for secondary characters. Want to be a Good Guy, Bad Guy, Good Girl, Bad Girl? If you're a winner, you'll get to choose. You must be able to confirm that the name you've chosen is yours, or someone who is willing (no naming your ex as a bad/guy or bad girl).

Five names will be chosen from RaffleCopter, but you must enter between November 29 and December 3, 2019. Enter here.

Margaret Daley

I have a new book out called SHELTER OF HOPE in my New Beginnings Series. It is part of KU. I have two more books in this series coming out. They are at the end of December, SHELTER OF LOVE (up for a pre-order right now at Amazon) and at the end of January, HER COWBOY HERO.

Troubled teen. Second Chances. Redemption.

Single mom, Maggie Sommerfield, is struggling with her preteen son who is angry with all that has happened in Hope, Mississippi and the hurricane that upended his life. Cody Weston, a crisis counselor, becomes a part of Maggie's and her son's lives. In Cody's efforts to help Maggie with her son, a relationship blossoms between them, but his secrets that he's kept locked away come to the foreground. Can the two open their guarded hearts and give each other a chance to find love again?

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Join New York Times bestselling author Susan Elizabeth Phillips in her fan-favorite historical novel JUST IMAGINE. The War Between the States may be over for the rest of the country, but not for Kit Weston. Disguised as a boy, she's come to New York City to kill Baron Cain, the man who stands between her and Risen Glory, the South Carolina home she loves. But unknown to Kit, the Yankee war hero is more than her bitterest enemy---he's also her guardian. Two hard-headed, passionate people . . . Two stubborn opponents with tender souls . . . Sometimes wars of the heart can only be won through the sweetest of surrenders.

Coming June 9, 2020,  DANCE AWAY WITH ME is a heartfelt novel of womanhood, a wild heart, and the healing power of love. When life throws her one setback too many, midwife and young widow Tess Hartsong takes off for Runaway Mountain. In this small town high in the Tennessee mountains, she hopes to outrun her heartbreak and find the solace she needs to heal. Pre-order your copy today!

Follow Susan Elizabeth Phillips on Facebook and Instagram. Sign up for Susan's newsletter here.

Robyn Carr

Get your popcorn ready! The Netflix Virgin River Series based on Robyn Carr's bestselling Virgin River book series is coming on December 6! See Jack, Mel, Preacher, Doc and all of your Virgin River favorites come to life. In the beautiful redwood forests of northern California is the rugged, small town of Virgin River. Answering an ad for a nurse practitioner/midwife, Melinda Monroe heads to Virgin River, the perfect place to escape her heartache. What she didn't expect were the challenges of small-town medicine and that the bar owner, a handsome marine, would be her savior. VIRGIN RIVER, book #1, is now available with a beautiful new cover. Order your copy today!

Join Robyn Carr in her bestselling Sullivan's Crossing Series. THE BEST OF US, book #4, is coming for the first time in mass market paperback on December 17, and on January 7, the Sullivan's Crossing Series continues with book #5, THE COUNTRY GUESTHOUSE. A Colorado summer rental and a new beginning awaits Hannah Russell as she suddenly becomes guardian to a five-year-old. The people of Sullivan's Crossing are as welcoming as ever offering up the help Hannah truly needs. Pre-order today!

Follow Robyn on Facebook and Instagram for updates.


Lyn Cote

CHANCE TO WIN a $30 gift card and more!

Lyn Cote here -- I'm participating in a group promotion. This includes my book, WINTER'S SECRET. Welcome to steadfast, a small town whose people and mysteries you may never forget.

Love and Romance Group Promo till tomorrow, November 30th, so don't delay. This collection is a mix of all kinds of romance from steamy to sweet so be selective! This is one where you need to sign up for the newsletter to enter the drawing and to download any books. Remember you can unsubscribe at any time. I hope you will find new authors to enjoy. I can't write fast enough to keep up with your reading habit! Click here.

Augustina Van Hoven

I hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday Season.  I'm looking forward to having my family home for Christmas. Book two in my futuristic romance series, A New Frontier, THE SEEDS OF CHANGE, will release on December 31st. It is available for pre-order now.

Amazon | Nook | Kobo | Apple Books

The last thing Dexter Thompson expected was to get a field promotion from being a member of the ship's construction crew to the ship's ambassador. When the Halcyon crash lands on Planet Kao, he's the first one to interact with the aliens who show up to help. The blue haired beauty, who led the delegation, haunts his thoughts and dreams.  Is it possible for them to have a future together?

Laize never believed in the prophesy that a new species was coming to their galaxy.  She didn't believe until the day when a ship dropped from ski and landed at the base of Mount Denair. When the Council sends her to be their emissary, she's surprised by the size of the ship and the humans inside. She's even more surprised to find the handsome human ambassador is slowly melting her frozen heart.

I am currently offering a short story in serial format in my monthly newsletter that plays in the New Frontier universe. PROPHESIES takes place before THE LAST CHRISTMAS ON EARTH, and THE SCATTERING OF SEEDS.  Sign up for my newsletter and don't miss an episode.

Happy Reading.

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