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  • Paula Adler

    Paula Adler is a born and raised Texan with a traveling soul. She's Mom to the two greatest kids in the universe who make her proud every day. She and her husband defied convention and all naysayers to marry at seventeen and nineteen, and are still married over forty years later. She's now a full-time writer and indulging in her passion for SCUBA diving and dancing now that she's exited the corporate world and is doing her dream... one book at a time.

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February News

Pam Binder

Happy Valentine's Month (why not a whole month?!), my book-loving friends!

And why not give a special gift to all your romance-reading friends and family members---for just 99 cents each! That's the reduced price this month of the Kindle version of the two books in my Immortal Warrior series---THE IMMORTAL and THE INSCRIPTION, which are fun time travel stories featuring brave, heroic warriors.

The hero of THE IMMORTAL fights fires in the wilds of Montana---they call him a smoke jumper. His counterpart in THE INSCRIPTION is a medieval warrior---a Highlander---straight out of my dreams (and yours perhaps?).

Check them out and order copies for yourself while you're at it.

Roxanne Rustand

Do you enjoy reading clean, wholesome romantic suspense novels in small town settings?

CHRISTMAS DANGER, Southwest Peril Book 1

After facing a terrible loss two years ago, pediatrician Johanna Miles hopes to find healing and a new beginning by moving west. But will this decision be the last one she makes?

She plans to cover a pediatric clinic in the mountains of New Mexico for three months while the physician is away. An escape artist of a horse and a Great Pyrenees pup the size of Texas are all the family she needs now---or so she thinks, until she meets a rancher who couldn't be more wrong for her. After a little pink bundle is left on his doorstep, it shows her just how irresponsible he is. Definitely not her type.

But when a stranger begins threatening both her and the clinic, dangers mount. Will she be able to keep her patients safe?  And who can she turn to for help?

A heartwarming story of honor, love of family, and ties that bind through generations, even through life's most difficult challenges.

DOWNLOAD TODAY, and stay up all night!

Another suspense-filled inspirational romance by USA Today Bestselling author Roxanne Rustand

Sabrina Jeffries

The Hellions of Halstead Hall Have All-New Covers!

Set the gossips' tongues to wagging this year when they see the shiny, new Hellions of Halstead Hall covers adorning your keeper shelf! Sabrina Jeffries's New York Times and USA Today bestselling Hellions of Halstead Hall series has gotten the white glove treatment with completely updated (and utterly gorgeous!) new covers. Readers can now take home these stunning new versions of THE TRUTH ABOUT LORD STONEVILLE, A HELLION IN HER BED, and HOW TO WOO A RELUCTANT LADY. Watch for more new covers releasing later this year!

New Book News

The Designing Debutantes series returns March 28 with Eliza and Nathaniel's book, WHAT HAPPENS IN THE BALLROOM...

When Lord Foxstead wanted something---like the help of Elegant Occasions---he could be formidable. But this former rakehell and returned war hero also wants the impossible---his late best friend's widow, Eliza Pierce, in his bed.

Start reading on release day by pre-ordering your copy of WHAT HAPPENS IN THE BALLROOM now!

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Sheri Richey

The Eden Hall Series: Books 1-5

A 5-book romance series wrapped in a warm family saga---A unique pseudo family is formed from unfortunate circumstances, but their bond is stronger than blood.  Follow each of them down their path to love and finding their own Eden.

Laura M. Baird

Character inspiration propels my story.

When I get an idea for a story, I begin by scribbling copious notes that will eventually get fine-tuned as I work out my loose plotting. Besides filling up notebooks, another must for me is finding inspiration for my characters. I'm a visual person, and having an individual or a couple, even a setting to look upon, spurs my writing. And besides, it's plain fun!

I want to introduce to you, my characters, Kayli and Summer, from my new release, LOVE ON THE CATWALK. This romantic comedy, an opposites-attract, was such a joy to write, as shy Kayli and confident Summer, find balance and love with one another. Filled with humor and steam, this novella is the perfect snack when you're in need of a short and satisfying break.

Available at Evernight Publishing and most digital retailers.

Kate White

I'm so thrilled to share the recently designed cover of my next psychological thriller, BETWEEN TWO STRANGERS (May 16).

It's the pulse-pounding story of a struggling artist named Skyler Moore, who receives a bewilderingly large, life-changing inheritance from a man she spent a single night with twelve years ago--and she has no idea why.

As Skyler digs for the truth, overwhelmed with a desire to understand the man's motivation, it becomes clear that he might have taken other secrets to the grave, secrets that could have terrifying consequences for her.

To pre-order, click here.

Amelia Grey

Amelia Grey
On Sale March 28, 2023
1st Book in the Say I Do series

Fredericka Hale needs a husband. She's been caring for her deceased sister's young children, and now a childless cousin wants custody. Fredericka is powerless to stop her, but having a husband might help. The last thing Fredericka wants is marriage to a man she doesn't know---or love, but she'll do it for the children. So when the handsome Duke of Wyatthaven shows up with a proposal, she accepts. He'll help her, and in return, they'll lead separate lives. But distance cannot stop their powerful attraction.

At the top of his game in London, the Duke of Wyatthaven has no interest in marriage. However, if Wyatt doesn't marry by week's end, he'll lose a sizable inheritance. When Wyatt's solicitor finds Miss Hale, Wyatt considers this little hiccup solved. She's lovely, and intelligent. Most importantly, she prefers country life, so he's free to continue his life as usual. But when circumstances force Fredericka and the children the duke's door, Wyatt can't deny he's always been under her spell. Will the duke give up his bachelor lifestyle and give into the fiery passion growing between them?

Cathryn Marr

"Love Plans" from Two Romance Authors

Paranormal romance author Cathryn Marr, a writing team made up of Dawn Johanson and Terese "Terey" Ramin, have varying levels of enthusiasm about Valentine's Day. But, they agree on this---everyone should celebrate the holiday with a "love plan" that's all about self love!

A "love plan" should recharge a person's internal bank and could include anything that brings joy, peace, or happiness---a massage, a favorite bakery treat, a trip to the local bookstore, or a walk through a public garden.

Dawn says, "My 'love plan' often includes time with my grandkids, but for a special treat for myself, I love a manicure or pedicure. They are a wonderful way to relax and restore."

Terey says, "I love going out for a latte and a writing binge at my favorite coffee shop. It's those moments of brief escape, running away, and changing the scenery that rejuvenates me better than anything."

How will you show yourself some love this month? Sign up for our newsletter for more ideas and positive thoughts, or maybe try a new-to-you paranormal romance about fallen angel heavenly outcasts, and the women they love, who have their own unearthly gifts.

Jayne Ann Krentz

Jayne Ann Krentz is dancing on a cloud. SLEEP NO MORE is a Wall Street Journal Bestseller, one of AARP's Winter's Best New Books, and an Amazon Editors' Pick in Mystery, Thriller & Suspense.

Pallas Llewellyn walked into the Lucent Springs Hotel looking for a job.  She woke up the next morning in the middle of an earthquake and a fire.  She was not alone.  Two other women were with her.  The three barely made it out alive.  Afterward they discover that they have no memory of their lost night in the hotel. Not only that, but they have somehow gained psychic talents. Determined to get answers the three women have fired up a podcast, THE LOST NIGHT FILES, hoping to connect with others who have had a similar experiences. Pallas ventures to Carnelian, California to meet a tipster, Ambrose Drake, who wants the podcast to investigate a murder he thinks he witnessed in a sleep clinic.  It soon becomes clear that someone is willing to kill to hide the truth.

SLEEP NO MORE (Lost Night Files Book 1) is available online and in stores now.

Rebecca Zanetti

ALPHA, Stope Packs Book 2,  Releases on March 28, 2023!

As the new Silver Pack Alpha within the Stope Packs mining coalition, Seth Volk is committed to his people and his duty with a deadly focus. As such, enemies are coming for him from both within and outside the pack, determined to end him before he truly gets started. Even so, there's one female for him in life, and he guards her above all others with a singular determination that both intrigues and infuriates her.

Mia Stone was a trained FBI agent thrust into this world of immortality with centuries long enemies, a patriarchal structure, and shifting alliances that has her biting not only her lip but her mate. When a killer from her past makes a move toward her, she's more than ready to meet him and take him down, although she'll have to get past Seth to do so. Her loyalty is absolute, but the Alpha is about to see her temper in full force. Of course, a predatory wolf always bites back...

Pre-order now:

Claire Marti

PALM SPRINGS KING arrives February 9th!

A former rockstar. A perfectionistic yoga teacher. Opposites attract?

Rockstar Austin Michaels never took much seriously---other than his music. But tragedy thrust him out of the spotlight and into the boardroom. He's doing his best----until his beautiful new spa manager arrives.

Yoga teacher Kenzie Banks earned her reputation as the best in the spa business by being a hyper-efficient perfectionist. Ready to plant roots after years on the road, she's thrilled to land her dream job working for the Hotel Kings --- they're literally the family she always wished for. Except, her sexy boss Austin Michaels is driving her nuts with his impulsive decisions and smoldering glances.

The sparks between these two opposites burn so hot it's a wonder they don't spontaneously combust. But Kenzie knows what they say about fire...and she's come too far and worked too hard to get burned. Can the pair find a way to work together, or will everything they're building go up in flames?

Available at Amazon, BN, Kobo, Apple, and other book retailers.

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Linda O. Johnston

This new year keeps moving along for Linda O. Johnston!

For one thing, it's growing closer to March, which will see the publication of her third Shelter of Secrets book for Harlequin Romantic Suspense: UNDERCOVER COWBOY DEFENDER. She enjoys writing that series, and is happy to say there will be more books in it.

Lark O. Jensen, Linda's first pseudonym, is having fun writing CRY WOLF, the second Alaska Untamed Mystery, which will be published in September.

And also watch for Linda's next Colton book for Harlequin Romantic Suspense. As previously mentioned, it takes place in New York City and will be published in November.

Linda continues to hope that you're enjoying 2023, too!

Sheila Kell

Sheila Kell welcomes a new romantic suspense series on 2/13/23. Meet Cassie and JD, of Coastal Investigations, in DEADLY BETRAYAL, published with The Wild Rose Press.

When trusting the wrong person can be deadly.

What happens when a former FBI analyst quits her job to become a PI and ends up partnering with the man who left her fourteen years earlier? In Sheila Kell's riveting novel of secrets, deceit, and romance, two people rush to find a killer while reckoning with their growing attraction. 

Cassie McKay was tired of being passed over as a FBI field agent. She quits her job as a FBI analyst, moves back home with her mother, and takes a job as a PI. Only she hadn't expected her partner to be the one man who'd left her years before.

Jack "JD" Walker had done a lot wrong in his life, but he hadn't killed the mother of his child as the police believed, nor had he expected the only women he'd ever loved to come to his rescue. The two work diligently to prove JD's innocence while someone is determined to make JD pay.

Go to for the preorder/buy links. Available on most retailers.

Deb Marlowe

Deb Marlowe's new Victorian Mystery Series, the Kier and Levett Mysteries,  begins this month!   A KILLER IN THE CRYSTAL PALACE releases February 17th.  Be sure to get in on the special 99 cent pre-order!   Also, be sure to pre-order if you read on Apple Books, Nook or Kobo---the book will go into Kindle Unlimited on release day!

Join Miss Kara Levett, maker of exotic case clocks and elaborate automatons, and Mr. Niall Kier, a forge artist who uses his brain and brawn to turn metal into beauty, as they bask in their roles of exhibitors at the Great Exhibition of 1851.  But when a man is killed in the Crystal Palace, Kara becomes the prime suspect.  Together, they set out to do what Scotland Yard seems reluctant to---search out the real killer and prevent Kara from becoming the next victim . . .

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

WHEN STARS COLLIDE (Chicago Stars book #9), by #1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Elizabeth Phillips, is available for the first time in mass market paperback format!

"Captivating. The thrilling suspense plot and intoxicating chemistry will hook new readers and returning fans alike. This is a page-turner." --- Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"From savvy characterization, sassy humor, and sparkling dialogue to a smartly composed plot... this brilliantly conceived contemporary romance will have readers shouting, Brava!" --- Booklist (starred review)

Originally published in 2021 and named a USA Today bestseller, WHEN STARS COLLIDE is the romance between a Chicago Stars quarterback and one of the world's greatest opera singers---and a major diva.

It's Mozart meets Monday Night Football! Tender and funny, passionate and insightful, this irresistible romantic adventure proves that when two superstars collide...anything can happen.

Order your copy of WHEN STARS COLLIDE!

Even though familiar friends may appear in more than one book in the Chicago Stars series, each book stands alone. They can be read in any order.

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Robyn Carr

From Robyn Carr, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the hit Netflix series Virgin River, comes a story of three sisters stepping beyond the roles of wife, mother, daughter and discovering the importance of being a woman first. NEVER TOO LATE is coming for the first time in trade paperback format on February 21.

Clare Wilson, facing her fortieth birthday, is ready to kick her serial cheating husband to the curb. With the support of her two sisters, she's ready to move on.

But when a near-fatal car accident lands Clare in the hospital, her life takes another detour. While recovering, she realizes she has the power to choose her life's path. The wonderful younger police officer who witnessed her crash is over the moon for her. A man from her past stirs up long-buried feelings. Even her ex is pining for her. With enthusiasm and a little envy, her sisters watch her bloom.

Together, the three women encourage each other to seek what will make them happy. And along the way they all learn that it's never too late to begin again. Preorder your copy today!

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Cheyenne McCray

CHOSEN PREY, from the Deadly Intent romantic suspense series, is free for a limited time!

Lyra Collins thought she was safe, hiding in a sleepy artists' community in Arizona. Having escaped from a cult five years ago, she keeps a low profile, making a living as a sculptor. But when a mysterious man with a dark, dangerous look appears on her doorstep, she knows it's time to run again.

Former lawman, now PI, Dare Lancaster accidentally leads a bunch of fanatical cult members straight to Lyra's door. Now it's up to him to protect her. The danger, as well as their growing attraction, is greater than anything's he's ever faced before.

Neal Barker, the grandson of the first Prophet Jericho, rules the Temple of Light commune unchecked. According to his visions, he and Lyra are destined to produce the new Messiah, so he will stop at nothing to make her his own. Dare soon discovers just how far he's willing to go to safeguard Lyra---and never let her go.

Get your free copy here!
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CHOSEN PREY is also available in print for $15.99

Visit Cheyenne at

Lyn Cote

Sweet Romance with furry friends! AMY'S FOREVER LOVE is 99 cents through February 5!

One frigid evening in a small northwoods town, single mom Amy and her twin girls find and find two shivering orphaned kittens. When she meets the local veterinarian that night at the church potluck, his basset hound, Bummer, instantly "adopts" the kittens too. Like it or not, Amy and the vets' lives intersect with some "help." Can a basset hound, two kittens and twin girls succeed as matchmakers? "A sweet romance with a down home, small town feel, complete with cute kids and cuddly pets. A great story all around!" "Such a beautiful heart warming story. I loved the precious twins and their precious little kittens. Jake and Amy's story was awesome. Through God all things are possible!" Click here to find out more.

Alexa Aston

My 2023 Regency series, Suddenly a Duke, begins with Book 1's PORTRAIT OF THE DUKE. This series features women the ton finds questionable---and certainly not suitable to become the wives of powerful dukes.

PORTRAIT OF THE DUKE will release February 3. You can pre-order it now for only 99-cents. The paperback will be available on release day.

Daniel Judson changed into a sober duke once he assumed his title. He knows it is finally time for him to take a wife in order to provide a ducal heir.

Lady Margaret Townsend makes her debut not to find a husband---but to secure important social connections in order to acquire commissions to paint portraits.

When they meet, Daniel wants Margaret as his duchess, while Margaret is confused by the never-known feelings stirring within her.

Will Daniel convince Margaret she can have both marriage and her art---or will following her chosen path have her miss out on love?

If you enjoy audiobooks, my Second Sons of London Regency romance series is being narrated by Gary Furlong. EDUCATED BY THE EARL, Book 1, just released. You can find it at Amazon or Podium.

Mike Krentz


The scalpel-sharp second book in the Dr. Zack Winston series of medical conspiracy thrillers

He flourishes in the heart of a hectic ER but threatened loss of family becomes his greatest fear. Can an intrepid doctor protect his own from a twisted mind?

Dr. Zack Winston's self-confidence wobbles on shaky ground. Slated to see his daughters over Christmas for the first time in five years, the skilled emergency physician worries his relationship issues will prevent them from bonding.

Seeking the truth behind a spate of obstetrical deaths, Zack teams with Bridget Larsen, the alluring lawyer who rescued him from a malignant malpractice suit---for which they both almost lost their lives at the hands of a medical cabal. As they follow the trail from the hospital morgue to the icy Potomac River, Zack fears missteps will plunge them into a lethal wintry doom...

Will his refusal to stand down cost Zack everything he holds dear?

In February I'm offering two free download links for the WARM AND DEAD audiobook, featuring the virtuoso performance of the talented voice actor, Daniel Thomas May.

Enter here after February 1.

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