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Christina Dodd

With Elle at his side, Adam drove his ATV through Gothic, up the main street with its seven curves, past Ye Olde Antique Shop, featuring "the finest junk in Gothic," past Mrs. Santa's Gifts and Tea Shop, past the Hair on Your Chest Coffeeshop and Firm Buns Bakery. And past what seemed like every person in town standing on the street, mouths open.
"Everybody's staring," Elle observed. "Don't you ever have company?"
"Relatives? Friends?"
"Do you not like these people?"
"Like them? I suppose. Why?"
"You're not exactly smiling and waving."
No, he was not. If he nodded to one, they would all shout out a greeting and want him to stop and introduce the woman, and he didn't want to discuss who she was (he didn't know) or where she'd come from (he didn't know) or whether or not she was his girlfriend/wife/sister (that at least he knew---no, no, and no.) --- Out now! POINT LAST SEEN by New York Times bestseller Christina Dodd. Get your copy today! In eBook, audiobook, and paper.

Ana Diamond

Coming this November from The Wild Rose Press, BODY SNATCHED.

In a town full of secrets, who will come out alive?

What's worse than losing a body from a funeral home? Losing two. But mortician and amateur sleuth, Lily Reynolds has a hunch. The new visitor in town, Rick Drakon, may have charmed his way into her life but she's not fooled by his smooth talking ways. Problem is, Rick is a long-time friend of Lily's new husband, Detective James Rivers. While James is busy convincing her to look elsewhere, Lily embarks on a dangerous path toward uncovering the truth. Will this case come between the couple or will Lily find herself closer to evil than ever before?

Lyn Cote

Has any author ever written a book about your hometown? So far none have done that for any town I've lived in. So I did it myself! My book, A HEART OF STONE, is set in mythical Eagle Lake which is really my hometown. I live in the northwoods with thousands of clear lakes so it's a tourist town, mostly in the summer but also for winter sports. (I did say NORTH woods.) I had a lot of fun writing about the people and places here. Of course, none of the people are actual residents, but as I always warn people---"Anything you say or do may appear in a future book, but I'll change your name and hair color." The book is also an ode to summer---all the fun activities I enjoy!

A HEART OF STONE-A baby's future hangs in the balance, sparking a heart-rending mystery. Why did Cash's sister leave guardianship of her daughter to her best friend Jane, not him?

 "This was a darling story about opposite attractions. Two totally different characters falling in love made this story worth reading."

Available on Amazon for $2.99 or through Kindle Unlimited.

Linda O. Johnston

Yes, Linda O. Johnston remains busy. As mentioned before, she's working on her second Alaska Untamed Mystery for Crooked Lane books, or rather Lark O. Jensen is---and that's Linda's first pseudonym. The first in the series was published in May: BEAR WITNESS.

She's also working on more Harlequin Romantic Suspense books. The next one, SHIELDING COLTON'S WITNESS, part of the Coltons of Colorado series, will be an October release, and UNDERCOVER COWBOY DEFENDER, the third in her Shelter of Secrets series, will be a February 2023 release.

And she's also preparing to go to Bouchercon next month---and hopes to see some of you there.

Mike Krentz

Publishing issues have delayed the launch of WARM AND DEAD, the second novel in the Dr. Zack Winston medical conspiracy series. Still coming soon. Meanwhile, here's an excerpt from DEAD ALREADY:

The ER and cardiology teams converged on the resus room. The patient was Walter Knowles, the enigmatic secretary in the ever-shifting milieu of the ER. Zack recalled his tense encounters with Walt after Carl Barnett's mysterious death.
The tech handed him an EKG. Dr. Sevati Prakash, the cardiologist, looked on. They spoke in unison. "Infero-lateral STEMI."
The cardiology team rushed Walter to the cardiac cath facility. Once they departed, Zack looked at the clock. Door to cath, eight minutes flat.
Time is life.
Zack leaned against the ambulance gurney that had carried Walter into the ER. Moisture seeped into the back of his scrubs. The sheet was soaked. Had the medics spilled something on it? He sniffed the sheet. Sweat. Why sweat on a temperate autumn day?
The medics confirmed that Walter was sweating when they arrived on scene. "Like he'd amped up the heat. Strange odor in the place too. Like someone cooking with garlic."
Zack scratched his head. Typical inscrutable Walter Knowles.


Sheri Richey


Do you enjoy a sweet romance?

Nolan Ramsey thinks he wants to be alone. He leaves his life in the city, leaves his job as a news reporter, and buys a house in the middle of nowhere. He plans a life of complete isolation with just his dog, Scuba, for company.

Calinda Willow returns home to help her aging father at the end of his life. She copes with the loss by throwing herself into her work, rejects social invitations from her friend, Jackie, and thinks she is content with her solitary life.

RM Alexander

They made their move, but the game is far from over.

MASK, Book #2 of the Strategies of the Heart series

Easy-going Lil Reed is nearly bouncing off the walls as she prepares to meet her first Hollywood A-lister. After all, Grey Richards is the world's most wanted bachelor. But Lil quickly learns Grey is nothing like the charismatic and charming characters he portrays. This heartthrob is surly, arrogant, and completely closed off.

With no patience for gossip-reading fan girls, Grey is far from interested in the youngest Reed sister. And a guy like Grey would never date outside the elite Hollywood circles. That would be career suicide. But when it becomes clear someone wants them dead, Grey is compelled to protect the spunky and adorable woman who somehow wiggled her way into his heart.

With danger closing in, Grey vows to protect Lil while proving there's more behind the glamour and glitz of his persona. But will she ignore the fake tabloids for a chance at real love?

"Page turner!!" Amazon Reader
"An Engaging, Romantic Whodunit" Amazon Reader
"Expertly blended together romance, mystery, and intrigue into this romantic suspense story."

Melody Ash


You've started the journey with DEEP ECHOES, now continue the adventure for only 99c!

Caitlin Benoit assumed the next destination would be her time, her world. Instead, the stone thrusts her further into the past and onto a different continent.

Now in 1831 England, she's discovered by William, the Duke of Lancaster. By sheer luck, he's willing to allow her into his manor. While she fights to gain a footing in this new time, Caitlin discovers the stone also ripped John from Charleston.

Everything she thought she knew about how the stone worked is false, and neither John nor her understand how to escape the grip of the past. As they work to uncover the mystery of the stone, an acquaintance of the Duke plots an intricate scheme certain to destroy them all. She and John must solve the puzzle in an unknown amount of time or risk getting stuck---or buried---in 1831.

Debra Clopton

USA Today Bestselling author Debra Clopton is excited to announce UNLIKELY COWBOY, book 3 of Cowboys of Dew Drop, Texas, releases on August 1, so grab your copy here.

Can their hearts heal and the truth set them free to start fresh? The fun town of Dew Drop, Texas embraces Suzie and her son, they see a future of a family as sparks radiate from Tucker, their hometown fella...the man who deserves a happy-ever-after. 

If you've missed UNFORGETTABLE COWBOY or UNEXPECTED COWBOY, grab those today. Then you'll be ready for book 4, UNDENIABLE COWBOY, coming in September! Books 1-3 are reprints from when I wrote for Harlequin and much loved, but I wrote these with the dream of one day adding to the series and that is exactly what book 4 will begin! You'll enjoy Dew Drop, Texas and and the wonderful town of folks at the Cow Pattie Cafe and the foster boys at the Sunrise Ranch!

Linda Lael Miller

On August 7, the Hallmark Channel will release a TV movie based on my book, BIG SKY RIVER, starring Kavan Smith and Emmanuelle Vaugier.  I'm SO excited to see this!

In addition, I'm offering another prize for August--two prizes, actually.  A beautiful Montana Silversmiths necklace, valued at $85.00 and a $25 Visa gift card. Enter here!

My new website is up and running, and I hope you will come on over and say howdy. 

On the personal front, I'm preparing to sell my house and property outside of Spokane and move to the San Diego area, where my daughter and son-in-law live.  It's time to downsize a bit.

I'm exercising faithfully and feeling stronger every day.  Just starting a new book which I've titled, "Broken Road", after the song by Rascal Flatts.  Love me some country music!  The hero is a McKettrick--first name Liam--and like all McKettricks, he's seriously sexy and 100% man.

I'll be blogging again very soon, over on the website.

Stay well, and smile.  It may not seem like it, but everything will be all right.  I promise.

Tee O'Fallon


"LOVED this book!!! This is fast paced romantic suspense at its best!" -- Goodreads Reviewer

Two years after his brother's murder in jail, Department of Homeland Security K-9 Officer Kade Sampson is still haunted by guilt. No man should ever have to arrest his own brother, even if he is laundering money for a drug cartel. Fortunately, Laia Velez---his brother's gorgeous widow---never learned the truth about Kade's involvement. But when she asks him for help, he knows that trouble with the cartel is far from over...

Kade is the last person Laia wants to call. But between her house being thoroughly trashed and the uneasy sense that she and her young daughter are being watched, Laia isn't taking any chances. The cartel wants something from her. And Kade and his K-9 partner, Smoke, are her only chance to survive whatever fresh hell is coming their way...

Now Laia and Kade are trying to stay one step ahead in a game that's growing more deadly by the minute. But what the cartel wants, the cartel gets. And Kade is running out of time to save the woman he loves from the same fate that killed his brother...

Available now at Amazon, B&N, Apple, Kobo, and Google. Connect with Tee and check out all her books at

Cheyenne McCray

BELONG TO YOU is FREE for a limited time!

Anna Batista has a secret that could mean devastation to her family if discovered. The last person she'd have anything to do with is Sheriff Mike McBride. Having law enforcement close isn't an option, but Mike can't be dissuaded.  When he meets her, she immediately steals his heart. She's everything he's wanted in a woman and he'll move mountains to convince her that they're made for each other.

Amazon Kindle
BN Nook
Google Play
Visit Cheyenne at and

Margaret Daley

DEADLY HOLIDAY, the 3rd Book in Margaret Daley's series Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations, is FREE until August 2nd!

Tory Caldwell witnesses a hit-and-run, but when the dead victim disappears from the scene, police doubt a crime has been committed. Tory is threatened when she keeps insisting she saw a man killed and the only one who believes her is her neighbor, Jordan Steele. Together, can they solve the mystery of the disappearing body and stay alive?

Amazon link

Augustina Van Hoven

My new time travel novella, THE UNEXPECTED GENTLEMAN, is now available.

Their truly revolutionary encounter

The Honorable Henry Darington, third son of the Earl of Lindford, thinks himself very ill-used by circumstances. His father does not agree, and Henry soon finds himself with a one-way ticket to the former British colonies. He's prepared for a difficult adjustment, but not for twenty-first century America, where horses are iron, women are half-naked, and his heart is endangered. 

Laurel Bishop is in the midst of her feeding the animals on her little farm and worrying about a predatory developer's next moves, when she stumbles across an unconscious man. If that isn't enough, he's dressed like a character from a Jane Austen play. When she finally realizes he's the real thing, she's torn. He's a complete stranger. How can she just take him in? But how can she not? 

Happy Reading.

Rebecca Zanetti

HOLIDAY ROGUE (The Anna Albertini Files, Novella 4.5) Releases August 2, 2022?

Danger and Mistletoe are a Deadly Combination

Bosco Albertini learned the hard way that focusing on his career is a lot safer than investing in love. So when he meets his sweet new neighbor, he puts her firmly in the friend zone, despite her soft hazel eyes, sharp wit, and tempting curves. It soon becomes difficult to keep her there because his brothers, his Nonna, and even his dog already adore her---and he's not far behind.

Marlie Kreuk accepts the friend zone from the too sexy soldier because, hey, when a guy puts you there, he's a moron who doesn't deserve more. But when danger comes for her and Bosco risks his spectacular body to protect her, she can't help but wish for romance. Although, he's going to have to work for it.

With danger all around, Bosco and Marlie must face their explosive attraction while defeating deadly attackers, but even that is nothing compared to handling the Albertini matchmakers during the Christmas season. Busting out of that friend zone and surviving will take all of Bosco's training, Marlie's courage, and the magic of the holidays.

Joanne Rock

Joanne Rock is excited to bring two books to the shelves this month! Look for book 3 in her Return to Catamount series for Harlequin Desire, A COLORADO CLAIM, Lark Barclay gets her story.

Also, check out MY DOUBLE LIFE, a fun and sexy romance originally released as a Harlequin Blaze.

This first-person story has been revised and updated with a gorgeous new cover  as the first book in the Alter Ego series. You can look for the follow-up book, MY SECRET FANTASIES, releasing August 2nd.

Claire Marti

Have you started Claire's California Suits series yet?  Award-winning and USA Today bestselling author Claire Marti new spin off contemporary romance series. California Suits follows the adventures of five best friends who are opening a string of luxury boutique hotels from La Jolla to Monterey to Beverly Hills as each one finds true love...usually where he least expects it.

HOTEL KING: Enemies to lovers starring Ryan Michaels who you met in Pacific Vista Ranch series and Charlie Ray. Set in La Jolla, California.

WINE COUNTRY KING: Big brother's best friend starring Jack Cassidy and Campbell Taylor. Set in Paso Robles, California.

MONTEREY KING: Second chance romance starring Cameron Taylor and Lucy Goodwin. Set in Monterey, California.

Amazing beach reads ready to get you through the dog days of summer!

Stay current by signing up for my newsletter at and following me on Facebook, Instagram, Bookbub, and TikTok.

Kate White

Looking for a good summer read? My newest suspense novel, THE SECOND HUSBAND, is finally here! It's being called a "twisty, unputdownable" psychological thriller about a woman whose seemingly perfect second marriage is rocked when the police announce they're reinvestigating the brutal murder of her first husband---and she begins to realize that all is not what it seems.

To order, simply click one of the links here.
Google Play
Apple Books

Robyn Carr

Welcome back to Virgin River! Season 4 of the internationally renowned VIRGIN RIVER TV series, based on the book series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr, is now streaming on Netflix! Head to the beautiful but rugged northern California town and pull up a chair at Jack's Bar. The VIRGIN RIVER Netflix series centers around nurse practitioner/midwife Mel Monroe and bar owner, former marine Jack Sheridan. All are welcome, so come along! Grab your favorite drink and snack, turn on Netflix and binge! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to live there!

The book series that started it all...  Three titles in Robyn Carr's bestselling VIRGIN RIVER series are being released for the first time in trade paperback format and reissued in hardcover --- SECOND CHANCE PASS (book #5, now available), TEMPTATION RIDGE (book #6, now available), and PARADISE VALLEY (book #7, Sept. 6). These titles have new beautiful covers inspired by the VIRGIN RIVER Netflix series. Find out more and order your copies today!

"For great storytelling and beautifully drawn characters, enter the world of Robyn Carr."
---Susan Elizabeth Phillips, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

WHEN STARS COLLIDE by #1 New York Times bestselling author Susan Elizabeth Phillips, is now available in trade paperback format! If you've been waiting for the paperback edition, your wait is over!

Thaddeus Walker Bowman Owens, the backup quarterback for the Chicago Stars, is a team player, talented sideline coach, occasional male underwear model, and a man with a low tolerance for Divas.

Olivia Shore, international opera superstar, is a driven diva with a passion for perfection, a craving for justice, too many secrets---and a monumental grudge against the egotistical, lowbrow jock she's been stuck with.

When two superstars collide...anything can happen.

"Captivating. The thrilling suspense plot and intoxicating chemistry will hook new readers and returning fans alike. This is a page-turner." -- Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"If you're a fan of opposites attract couples, forced proximity setups, and road tripping across the US, When Stars Collide will be a highly entertaining read for you. A not-to-miss new release from the one and only Susan Elizabeth Phillips."  --

Read an excerpt here. Order your copy today!.

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