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Justine Davis

Justine Davis announces Book #2 in the Texas Justice series: LONE STAR NIGHTS will be released on August 29th, but is available for pre-order now!

Slater Highwater had his own reasons for coming home to Last Stand, Texas. And if anyone wants to know why a guy with a philosophy degree from an Ivy League school was now running the historic Last Stand Saloon, he has a stack of ready answers, none of which are completely true.

But Joey Douglas never asked that question. Perhaps because she and Slater are always carrying on conversations no one else can follow. Or perhaps because she suspects she knows why he came home -- her glamorous and calculating older sister broke his heart.

Joey has longed for Slater since she first laid eyes on him, but her sister will always be an insurmountable barrier between them. Sure she and Slater click intellectually and sparks ignite whenever they're in the same room, but Joey will never, ever settle for being Slater's consolation prize no matter how much she loves him.

Can Joey step out of her sister's shadow? Can Slater convince Joey she's his true soul mate?

Dani Pettrey

A corpse that only leads to secrets.
An old flame with danger written all over her.
Things are about to get very complicated.

Dani Pettrey's highly anticipated new series launches August 6th with the release of THE KILLING TIDE. Each book in the Coastal Guardians series will follow the gripping cases of a team of Coast Guard Investigative Service agents as they find both love and danger in the line of duty.

"The Killing Tide features romance that's as thrilling as the action, and faithful characters integrated seamlessly into a complex web of crime. Fans of...Dee Henderson's novels will enjoy this exhilarating read."---Booklist

When a Coast Guard officer is found dead and another goes missing, special agent Finn Walker faces his most dangerous assignment yet. Complicating matters is the arrival of investigative reporter Gabby Rowley, who's on a mission to discover the truth. Her unrelenting questions complicate an already volatile situation. Thrown together by the heinous crime, Finn and Gabby can't ignore the sparks or judgments flying between them. But will they be able to see past their preconceptions long enough to track down an elusive killer, or will they become his next mark?

Claudia Shelton

Award winning author Claudia Shelton releases DANGEROUS LIES (Shades of Leverage Book 2) to great reviews:

"Holy amazeballs!! Claudia Shelton absolutely blew this story out of space...This is definitely not your average action romance; this is a romance full of action, anticipation, adventure, thrill and intense story which was an absolute pleasure and a breath of fresh air in this genre category." -Melinda S., Goodreads

"An adrenaline-fueled story that will keep you turning the pages to the sweet end." -Suzette P., Goodreads

"The book drew me in from the get-go. Total book hangover -- read it in one night!" -Victoria B., Goodreads

To ex-Navy SEAL Mitch Granger, responsibility isn't just a word. It's his Code of Honor. But when assigned to protect Coercion Ten's latest target, she challenges his authority, defies his rules, and wreaks havoc on his personal willpower. Fighting for her isn't a problem. Giving his life for her isn't a problem. Forgetting their world-stopping kiss? Definite problem. And if he can't concentrate solely on keeping her safe, it may cost them both their lives.

Each book in the Shades of Leverage series is STANDALONE:

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Kat Martin


Lots of things moving and shaking in my world...

THE CONSPIRACY (in paperback) just hit the shelves on July 30th! To my delight, my novella, WAIT UNTIL DARK, is included as a bonus story with this edition of THE CONSPIRACY! Traditional readers have been waiting "patiently" to get their hands on this little book!

Big News!!! Thrilled about my movie deal! David Haring's Tin Res Entertainment has optioned my Texas Trilogy and will develop the first book BEYOND REASON into a feature film!

"This is an outstanding project. We are very excited to turn this enthralling book into an equally entertaining film."--David Haring

And finally, coming in September is the second hardcover in my Maximum Security series, titled THE DECEPTION. Ecstatic to have received rave reviews from 2 prestigious book review magazines, Publishers Weekly and Kirkus.

"This is an un-put-down-able page-turner that's sure to satisfy fans of romance and thrillers alike. A romantic suspense that skillfully balances both elements."--Kirkus

"Martin immediately begins leading her well-drawn characters through a high-octane plot with hair-raising twists and turns, skillfully dragging red herrings everywhere."--Publishers Weekly

I hope you'll watch for THE CONSPIRACY and THE DECEPTION and keep an eye out BEYOND REASON--THE MOVIE!!



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Debra Clopton

LONGING FOR LOVE, book 3 of international bestselling author Debra Clopton's new Sunset Bay series, is now available.

Sometimes a dream might need a rewrite...can love bloom on the shores of Sunset Bay for an author with a damaged heart and a B&B owner longing for love?

Apple Books

LONGING FOR A HERO, book 2, is also available!

A dog walker with a secret crush and a jilted fireman with no desire to risk watching his heart go up in flames ever again. 

Apple Books

Start the series off with book 1, LONGING FOR FOREVER.

A burned-out trauma doctor, a muffin maker with a second chance at life, is she just what the doctor needs? Can love find a way...will they risk their hearts? Buy Now!

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Want Debra's latest cowboy series? Grab a copy of Texas Brides & Bachelors book 1, HEART OF A COWBOY. It was just released last month!

If these cowboys can overcome their past they'll make great husbands.

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Juno Rushdan

"Plenty of spycraft and action to satisfy suspense fans, as well as believable romance between an anxious autistic woman and a widower battling demons of his own." -Publishers Weekly on NOTHING TO FEAR 

Grab the first book in the series, EVERY LAST BREATH, while it is discounted at 75% off in August, $1.99!!! Then pre-order the second book, NOTHING TO FEAR, available August 27th.

Fearsome Gray Box operative Gideon Stone is devoted to his work and his team. He's never given reason to doubt his loyalty...until he's tasked with investigating Willow Harper, a beguiling cryptologist suspected of selling deadly bio-agents on the black market. He knows she's innocent. He knows she's being framed. And he knows that without him, Willow will be dead before sunrise. Thrust into the crossfire of an insidious international conspiracy, Gideon will do anything to keep Willow safe...even if that means waging war against his own. With time running out, an unlikely bond pushes limits---and forges loyalties. Every move they make counts. And the real traitor is always watching.

Julie Johnstone

Summer is in full swing here in the south and with it came book 3 in my Renegade Scots series, HIGHLAND AVENGER and progress on book 9 in my Highlander Vows: Entangled Hearts series. Have a great summer!

 Duty drove him to possess her, but love will drive him to his knees.

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Augustina Van Hoven

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful summer.  I am. My next release is a novella in my Love through Time series, THE BRACELET, coming out in late August.

Mrs. Shelby walked toward the alcove and adjusted the drapes. She gasped then turned to Catherine.

Catherine's heart beat faster when she saw the look of shock on the woman's face. She took a reluctant step forward and gazed at the portrait. There on the wall was her own face staring back at her.

I'm offering an exclusive short story, told in serial format, available only in my newsletter.  This short story is entitled THE LAST DAYS.  It is the experiences of Captain Harlan Jefferson Baylor in the final days of the Civil War.  Captain Harley is the hero in the first book of the Love through Time series, A SECOND CHANCE.  He also appears prominently in the second book, A NEW BEGINNING.

Happy Reading.

Alexa Aston

DEREK is the second novella in my new Regency Historical Romance Trilogy The de Wolfes of Esterley Castle. Pre-order it now from Amazon for 99 cents. It releases August 20.

He loved her---and was blindsided when she wed another man . . .

He refused her---and now her life is no longer her own . . .

In her first Season, Lady Amelia Ward falls hopelessly in love with her new brother-in-law, the Earl of Reston. She overhears Reston disparage her as an immature featherbrain and knows she'll never have a chance with him.

Derek de Wolfe, the Earl of Reston, fights his growing attraction to Amelia, knowing she only wishes to wed for love, something he doesn't believe in.

Amelia rushes into marriage with a known rake, who leaves her a virgin. Will Amelia find a way to escape a union that should never have occurred and if she does, will Derek be waiting for her?

Buy Derek from Amazon

I've signed a 6-book contract with Dragonblade Publishing. SOLDIERS & SOULMATES, a Regency trilogy, comes out next spring while MEDIEVAL RUNAWAY WIVES, a medieval trilogy, arrives next summer.

Colleen Coble

When a DNA test reveals a half-sister she didn't know she had, Harper opens a Pandora's box of murder and deceit. The mermaids of Weeki Wachee hold important clues to the past, and Harper and enemy Ridge are forced to join forces to get to the truth. Set in Dunedin, Florida, STRANDS OF TRUTH is a high octane romantic suspense from USA Today bestseller Colleen Coble. Available for pre-order now for delivery September 10.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips

$1.99 eBook sale! From New York Times bestseller Susan Elizabeth Phillips comes a glorious, heart-stopping love story as a woman called HOT SHOT discovers a passion so rich, so tender, that she will be utterly and forever transformed. She jumped on the back of a bad boy's Harley and followed his renegade dream... In a single, impulsive act, Susannah Faulconer follows her heart and finds herself severed from her family and everything familiar. As a cool San Francisco socialite, she'd known exactly how to behave, but now she's a lone woman in a world of men...and there's no etiquette book in the world that can teach her how to survive. Susannah faces the biggest challenge of her life as she tests her courage---and her love---in a bold experiment that will change them all forever. "...a fun and lively look at love, microchips, and rock 'n roll." ---Publisher's Weekly. HOT SHOT is on sale now for only $1.99, order your eBook edition today!

If you're not receiving Susan Elizabeth Phillips's monthly newsletter, you are missing photos and SEP fun. You'll also stay updated on SEP's upcoming releases. Sign up here.

Meg Tilly

Are you hooked on my Solace Island books? Edgy, sexy romantic suspense stories set on a picturesque island in the Pacific Northwest? A touch of humor? Good, because HIDDEN COVE, Book 3, is due out October 1, and my Berkeley publishing team has included HIDDEN COVE in a fun "Fall's Hottest Romances" sweepstakes. One lucky winner will win HIDDEN COVE and a new book by Sarah Smith, Lyssa Kay Adams, Evie Dunmore, Jasmine Guillory and Andie J. Christopher. Enter to win by the August 8 deadline!

In HIDDEN COVE, Solace Island gallery owner Zelia Thompson's close friend, Alexus Feinstein, of the prestigious art gallery Feinstein & Co., dies of a "drug overdose." When Zelia hears the news, her intuition sounds an alarm. The Alexus she knew didn't do drugs and had everything to live for. As Zelia begins looking into the circumstances of her friend's death, what she uncovers will put her life in imminent danger. Will Zelia--with the help of the reclusive crime fiction novelist Gabe Conaghan--be able to unravel the mysterious happenings surrounding Alexus's untimely death? Or will she become the bloodthirsty artist's next victim? Pre-order your copy today!

Laura Benedict

Fun news, y'all! As an audiobook fiend, I'm thrilled to tell you that my downright adorable cat detective cozy (you knew I wrote one, right?), SMALL TOWN TROUBLE, is now available for listening. Hear Erin, Noah, and that clever cat, Trouble, solve a small town Kentucky murder that will keep you guessing until the very end. Of course, my most recent novel (a thriller, not a cozy!), THE STRANGER INSIDE, is available in all formats, too--including audio. Of all my dark suspense novels, the narration of this one, by Therese Plummer, is my very favorite. All of my books and audiobooks are available to buy online. If you're a library lover, and can't find them, I would adore it if you would put in a request. Happy reading and listening. Stay cool, my dears!

Amy Jarecki

All six books in Amy Jarecki's Lords of the Highlands series is on sale through August 26th with THE HIGHLAND DUKE leading the way at 99¢! Find the perfect book for you and a link to your favorite online retailer here.

Tamara Lush

Tamara Lush will publish the third book in her contemporary rom-com series. It's called ALL I ASK, and it's about a European princess falling for a laid-back island lawyer. A tubby pug, a tiki bar, and a royal scandal all factor in to the complicated relationship. Pre-order ALL I ASK here.

Anya Summers

New Release! From Maggie Mae Gallagher's alter-ego Anya Summers the latest installment in her spicy paranormal romance series, LOVED BY THE BEAST, will be released on August 7th in Kindle Unlimited.


Anna has plans for her life. This fall, she will be heading off to medical school, well on her way to becoming a doctor. But first, she and her besties head to Ireland to celebrate.

Nowhere did her future plans even include serious dating, let alone becoming mated to a man who can turn into a freaking beast with wings. Nor did she reckon with being sucked through a portal onto another planet while on her way home from a great night out.

Yet from the very first time her new mate touches her, Anna wonders if this could be the real deal -- as in: the big L. The only problem is, her mate says his kind do not love; they protect, they pleasure, and they provide.

Can Anna really kiss goodbye all her plans for the future, and agree to spend the rest of her existence without love?


Amy Lane

Amy Lane has a new release--PAINT IT BLACK, the sequel to BENEATH THE STAIN, coming out on August 13th. She'll also be at the Time Traveler's Fair in Sacramento on August 17th.

Janna MacGregor

Regency romance lovers can't get enough of ROGUE MOST WANTED, the fifth book in Janna MacGregor's popular Cavensham Heiresses series! Readers and reviewers alike have fallen head-over-heels in love with the story about Lady Theodora Worth, a woman fighting to keep her inherited Scottish earldom, and Lord William Cavensham, the dashing and unlikely hero who is determined to take up Thea's cause.


"This series just gets better and better, and I can't wait for the next book (or two)." ---Courtney, Goodreads

"I just finished reading ROGUE MOST WANTED by Janna MacGregor with the happiest of smiles! This story's filled with chemistry, drama, passion, tearful moments, some quirky loving characters and an endearing supportive family." ---Lorelei's Lit Lair

"I adored the dual POV format. Seeing the thoughts of both of these characters really touched my heart and l totally was enchanted with their love story." ---Connie, Goodreads

To find out more about the entire Cavensham Heiresses series, visit, and while you're there, sign up to receive her entertaining newsletter. Janna also loves to interact with readers online so find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to join the conversation.

Cathryn Marr

Fans of the paranormal who are ready to indulge in a sizzling romance are in luck with Cathryn Marr's newest release SOUL KEEPER. The first in the action-packed Brotherhood of Shadows series, SOUL KEEPER has readers ready for more.

"Soul Keeper is an interesting start to a brand-new paranormal romance series, with exceptional world building and a unique plot that has set the stage for what should be a promising series." -- Karen R., Goodreads

"I thought the psi vamps were a great character group... I haven't come across anything like that before, a very clever addition from the author." -- Pauline K., Goodreads

Journey into an alternate San Francisco where Luc, a fallen angel looking for redemption, is on a mission to protect Aurora, a beautiful woman with unexplainable powers. Aurora finds herself with no choice but to team up with the darkly handsome Fallen on a death-defying mission to protect children from a serial killer with the power to resurrect an ancient, indestructible darkness. Can they find a way to save the world without shedding innocent blood?

Find out more about this fascinating new author duo on Facebook and Instagram, and sign up to receive their newsletter at

Connie Mann

Central Florida Friends:

I would LOVE to meet you at the Romance Wine & Chocolate Event on August 30th

Come spend a magical evening at Chickasaw Library's Romance Reader Event on August 30th in Orlando. Meet featured speaker USA Today best-selling author, Sonali Dev, plus Patty Blount, Tracy Brogan, Maria Geraci, Donna Kauffman, Sally Kilpatrick, Kim Law, Janna MacGregor and me.

Complementary wine and chocolate samples will be served. Plus, gift sets filled with books and swag will be given away! I'll be signing copies of BEYOND RISK, too.

This is a FREE Event, but registration is required. Doors open at 6:15pm. Click HERE to register. (Last year tickets were gone in DAYS, so register today.)

For more information, visit Lorelei's Lit Lair.

Hope to see you there! It's going to be great fun!

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