The Bride Wore Red At The Ladies Club

Cosmic Hot Shorts: Arabella's Story

by Susan Stephens

Self Published

Contemporary Romance

July 17, 2015


Available in: e-Book

The Bride Wore Red At The Ladies Club
by Susan Stephens

6 Friends. 6 Lonely Hearts. 1 Solution: The Ladies Club.

Outwardly, Arabella is the most together of all the women in the Ladies Club, but at home she’s battling her bully of a husband who belittles her every day of her life.

Arabella thinks she is hiding this big secret from her friends, but they’re all clued up, and worried. Arabella’s husband is too subtle to give her a black eye. He’s more likely to set his stop-watch when she’s in the shower, and tell her she’s fat and past it when there’s no one around to hear him. He has spent all their money, putting them in debt, and risking the home that has been in Arabella’s family for generations.

Billionaire Jack Castle is buying up vast swathes of the local countryside, and there’s just one house in his way: Arabella’s family home.

Can this most unlikely of suitors step in to save Arabella? Or will Arabella beat him to the gun, and save the day yet again for everyone, her suitor and the Ladies Club included?

Susan Stephens' Bio

Susan Stephens was a professional singer before meeting her husband on the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta.

In true romance style they met on Monday, became engaged on Friday and were married three months later. They are still very much in love, though Susan does not advise her three children to return home with a similar story as she may not take the news with the same fortitude as her own mother!

Susan had written several non—fiction books when fate took a hand. At a charity costume ball there was an after—dinner auction. One of the lots — ‘Spend A Day With An Author’ — had been donated by bestselling Mills & Boon author Penny Jordan. Susan’s husband bought this lot, and Penny was to become not just a great friend, but a wonderful mentor who encouraged Susan to write romance.

Susan loves her family, her pets, her friends and her writing. She enjoys entertaining, travel and going to theatre and concerts. She reads voraciously, knits, cooks and plays the piano to relax, and can also be found throwing herself off mountains on a pair of skis or galloping through the countryside.