Final Refuge

Montana Secrets Book 1

by Roxanne Rustand

Indie Published

Mystery: Christian Romance

October 28, 2021

Available in: e-Book

Final Refuge
by Roxanne Rustand

Erin hopes she has found peace at last…until she opens her mail and sees the cryptic threat from her best friend’s killer.

But this isn’t the first. He taunted her for five long years with anonymous threats on the anniversary of her high school friend’s rape and murder, but then they stopped. She’d hoped his frightening game was over, but now he has found her again. This time, will he finish what he started?

Despite her endless caution, frequent moves, and the self-defense classes she has taken many times over, and now knows her move to a remote town in the Montana Rockies, hasn’t been enough. And what’s with the handsome man who moved into the cabin next door with a young boy in tow? He seems like a good man—kind and thoughtful, and he seems to care a lot for the boy. She feels her heart warming toward him. But he is clearly edgy, as if he fears someone is following him.

Is he what he seems, or is he the very threat she fears?

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Roxanne Rustand's Bio

Roxanne Rustand is the award-winning author of forty romantic suspense and heart-warming romance novels for Superromance, Heartwarming, Everlasting, Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense, and the sweet (clean and wholesome) romance genre. You can find her new releases at: and find her blog or newsletter sign-up form at: https:// She's living her childhood dream while living on an acreage in the country with her husband, three horses, a golden retriever rescue, a rambunctious puppy, and six fluffy barn cats--a much smaller menagerie than when their three kids were still at home. Ranches, animals, and small-town life frequently find their way into her books.