His Hands

Heart of the Adirondacks Novelette

by Rebecca Brooks

Self Published

Contemporary Romance

July 20, 2018

Available in: e-Book

His Hands
by Rebecca Brooks

Anna Stephenson doesn’t have time for love. The divorced mother of two is a café manager in a small mountain town, and the start of blackberry season means she’s up to her elbows in flour, baking her grandmother’s famous blackberry pies. When a sexy, rugged landscaper shows up to work at the café, she knows not to let herself get distracted.

But Deegan James arouses Anna’s appetite in ways she’s long forgotten. The gruff, mysterious stranger has strong hands and salt-and-pepper stubble she longs to feel against her skin. He’s older than she is and just passing through, but Anna has to have him once before he goes. Unless a stolen morning, messy with flour, proves that once isn’t enough…

A little naughty, a little sweet, this story comes with a recipe for blackberry pie at the end!

Originally published as Blackberries in the Morning.

Rebecca Brooks' Bio

Rebecca Brooks lives in New York City in an apartment filled with books. She received a PhD in English but decided it was more fun to write books than write about them. She has backpacked alone through India and Brazil, traveled by cargo boat down the Amazon River, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, explored ice caves in Peru, trekked to the source of the Ganges, and sunbathed in Burma, but she always likes coming home to a cold beer and her hot husband in the Bronx. She likes outdoorsy guys with both muscle and heart and independent women ready to try something new.