Love Will Find A Way Book 3

by Mimi Barbour

Tammysdragonfly Publishing

Contemporary Romance: Anthology

June 11, 2023

Available in: e-Book

by Mimi Barbour

What makes a hero?
Bravery, conviction, courage and determination. Heroism is an act that goes beyond something required by duty.
Find true love with these heartwarming heroes, featured in eight full-length semi-steamy stories, from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling, Award-Winning Authors.
Because as always, Love Will Find A Way...

MISSION: ACCEPT (A Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Winner) by Stacy Eaton, USA Today bestselling author: An unlikely friendship between Derek and Dana might be the key to helping him redeem himself and allow him to save her life.

FIREBALL (A Great On Kindle Selection) by Suzanne Jenkins, USA Today bestselling author: A career in the NFL or join the local fire company with dad? The final choice is made when Oliver Saint meets trauma nurse Wendy Adams and her dog, Sadie.

JACK'S BLIND DATE DEBACLE by Tamara Ferguson, USA Today bestselling author: Crystal Rock land developer, Jack Wellman, was instantly captivated by Air Force pilot Janelle Thoreau when they met on Bali. A blind date debacle reunites Jack with Janelle when the local wounded warrior facility is endangered by a credible terrorist threat. Will she be able to resist the man who's determined to have her?

TRUE LOVE by Natalie Ann, USA Today bestselling author: Shattered dreams vs a new beginning. Can a Navy Lieutenant and a widow with a young daughter help each other heal?

PROCESS OF ELIMINATION by Allyson R. Abbott, International bestselling author: Foxxy is enjoying her new life and feels sorry for any man that crosses her. Luckily her Robin-Hood boyfriend, Richard, understands her need for space and justice.

REIGN OF FIRE by Casi McLean, USA Today bestselling author: To solve her twin's murder, psychic Emily and detective Ash must expose a dangerous faction threatening to infiltrate the government before the Deep State discovers their investigation----a task made more difficult by the mysterious passion burning between them sparked by her twin's spirit.

DEADLY SECRETS, LOVING LIES, by Cynthia Cooke, USA Today bestselling author: Some secrets are too deadly to share...with anyone.

LOVE ME TENDER by Mimi Barbour, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: A young mother's eight-year-old secret finally meets his father.

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Mimi Barbour's Bio

NYT & USA Today, best-selling, award-winning author, Mimi Barbour, lives on the beautiful east coast of Vancouver Island and writes her romances with tongue-in-cheek and a mad glint in her eye. Asked why she prefers paranormal or suspenseful romance, she answers, chuckling... "Because it's fun! Imagination can be a lot more interesting than what happens in real life to so-called normal people. I love my characters, and my goal is to make the readers love them also. To care about what happens to them while the tale unfolds. If I can steal my booklover's attention away from their everyday grind, absorb them in a fantasy world, and make them care about the ending, then I've done my job. "Thinking back, writing my first romantic suspense novel switched the hard work into fun, and I've not looked back. I love writing about men and women finding each other and falling in love. Along the way, it pleases me to fill their travels with gritty conflicts -- spiced up with lots of humor and seasoned with a few tears, but always with endings that are happy."