Secrets Of The Night

The Malloreens

by Jo Beverley


Historical Romance, Georgian

March 2, 2004

ISBN-13: 0451211588

Available in: Paperback (reprint)

Secrets Of The Night
by Jo Beverley

When her elderly husband's inability to sire an heir threatens everyone she cares for, young Rosamunde Overton is forced into a daring deceit. Fleeing a scandalous masquerade, she rescues an injured nobleman, who just might be the answer to her prayers.

Lord Brand Malloren is far above her station, but he's only too willing to follow the lead of the mysterious masked lady who has taken him captive...and captured his heart. Rosamunde too has fallen in love, but her reckless plan depends on secrecy. And to reveal herself could cost her everything...

Jo Beverley's Bio

Passed away May 23, 2016.

Jo Beverley is one the few authors writing English-set historical romance who is English. She was born and raised in England, and has a degree in English history from Keele University in Staffordshire. She and her husband emigrated to Canada, but have now returned to England. They have two sons.

Though Jo started to write as a young child, it was only in the eighties that she began to think that it was something ordinary people could do, and after a talk at a local library, she settled to seriously writing her first historical romance.

Now, she is the author of over thirty romance novels and many novellas — see Jo Beverley’s booklist which have brought her many awards, including five RITA awards from the Romance Writers of America and awards from Romantic Times including two Career Achievement awards. She is a member of the RWA Honor Roll, and the RWA Hall of Fame.

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