Sinfully Sweet

Boxed Set of 6 Full Length Novels

by Janelle Denison, Carly Phillips, Leslie Kelly, Rhonda Nelson, Marquita Valentine

Self Published

Contemporary Romance

April 17, 2013



Available in: e-Book

Sinfully Sweet
by Janelle Denison, Carly Phillips, Leslie Kelly, Rhonda Nelson, Marquita Valentine

6 Bestselling Authors . . . one delicious boxed set of 6 full-length, “SINFULLY SWEET“ romance novels!

Romance novels are like chocolates. You can’t stop with just one . . .

THE RIGHT CHOICE by Carly Phillips (originally published December 2000 writing as Karen Drogin by Zebra Bouquet)
Advice columnist Carly Wexler is planning the perfect wedding with the perfect fiancé. So what if he doesn’t make her heart beat faster? He’s the right choice. Until sexy photo journalist, Mike Novak, her fiance’s adopted brother arrives and Carly experiences all the passion she’s convinced herself she doesn’t need. Mike is torn by loyalty and a yearning unlike any he’s ever known. After spending time with Carly, he is sure the engaged couple are marrying for the wrong reasons. With one week to go before the wedding, can Mike convince Carly he’s the only choice for her?

THE PERFECT PROPOSAL by Rhonda Nelson (originally published September 1999 by Zebra Precious Gem Romance)
Annie Witherspoon has spent the last five years working toward obtaining the CEO position at Hightower Advertising. She’s worked nights and weekends, has sacrificed her practically non-existent social life and kept her eyes on the prize, as it were. Now, thanks to some inconvenient, ill-timed bout of nostalgia, her boss is giving his global playboy nephew a shot at her job.

Mitch Hightower isn’t nearly the playboy the papers make him out to be and, after the sudden death of his business partner, Mitch feels to need to be closer to his family, to his heritage. But when pitted against Annie Witherspoon to win an important account, Mitch finds himself less concerned with pitching his campaign strategy and more interested in marketing her.

BABY LOVE by Leslie Kelly (previously published August 2011 as ANGEL BABY)
When Claudia Warren goes into premature labor in the worst possible place, a handsome stranger comes to her aid, saving her life her daughter. Former rebel Chase Paxton is a loner, and he likes it that way, so delivering a stranger’s baby shocks him to his core. Even more shocking is that the beautiful young mother disappears before he can even learn her last name. Now, fate has brought the very sexy, available Claudia back into Chase’s life. And while the physical attraction between them sizzles, neither wants any emotional tangles. Can two people who’ve sworn off love for good ever move beyond the past to trust in a future together?

DRIVE ME CRAZY by Marquita Valentine (originally published February 2013 in eBook format)
NASCAR racer, Carter Ambrose, has decided to take his doctor’s advice and find a new occupation before another wreck on the track kills him. Only his doctor hadn’t counted on his little sister’s best friend, Melanie Ann Smith, crashing his weeks of solitude with her short skirts and platform heels. Will Carter risk it all for love, or will Melanie be left holding the trophy for second place?

SAVIN’ ME by Alannah Lynne (originally published August 2012 in eBook format and then February 2013 in paperback)
One step away from the coveted Vice Presidency of her firm, the last thing Kat Owens needs is the distraction of a man. Her client, Erik Monteague, disagrees. He’s charming, sexy, seductive, and impossible to ignore. Erik’s perfectly executed seduction gets Kat into his bed, but her passionate, loving nature is more than he bargained for. As the carefully constructed walls guarding his heart dissolve, he’s forced to make a decision... spend the rest of his life running, or risk being devastated by love again.

BORN TO BE WILDE by Janelle Denison (originally published September 2007 by Berkley Sensation)
Ex-Marine turned security specialist Joel Wilde thrives on the high-wire thrills that come with his job. And he isn’t about to give all that up to settle down — not even with a sexy woman like Lora Marshall. Which means that while he’s protecting her from a violent mobster, he’ll need to set a few ground rules to keep things professional. Good thing he’s always been a rule-breaker at heart.

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Janelle Denison's Bio

It's hard for me to imagine that I've been writing romances for over twenty years now! I started at the young age of 21, just after I got married. Reading romances, and then writing them, came about as a result of having too much time on my hands. When I first married my husband Don, I was working a regular nine to five job and he worked swing shift, from four in the afternoon until midnight. It wasn't an ideal schedule for newlyweds, and in order to pass those hours when I was alone I started reading romances, and eventually tried my hand at writing them.

The road to publication wasn't an easy one. It took me five years and dozens of rejections to make my first sale, which was to Harlequin for their "Stolen Moments" line. THE FAMILY MAN, written under the pseudonym Danielle Kelly, was one of the twelve novellas published in 1993 for this promotional line.

It took me another two and a half years (and more rejections!) to sell my second book. HEAVEN'S GIFT (written under my own name) was published in October 1995 by Leisure Love Spell for their "An Angel's Touch" series. Another two years passed of collecting even more rejections before I finally sold to Harlequin Romance and Harlequin Temptation. At the time, writing for both Temptation and Harlequin Romance provided me with a wonderful creative outlet for both my modern, ultra-sexy stories, and my warmer, traditional romances. But as the years passed, I realized how much I enjoyed writing the sexier stories and streamlined my career accordingly so that I was no longer writing the sweet traditional romances, and instead focused on the hotter, sexier stories for Temptation and Blaze.

After writing over two dozen books for Harlequin, I decided to branch out. I wanted to write anthologies and single titles, and came up with an idea about three sexy brothers with the last name of "Wilde." Little did I know that those Wilde brothers would become such a sensation with readers. In the second Wilde book, WILDE THING, four Wilde cousins were introduced, and readers started writing in for their stories, too. It's been a joy and pleasure to write each of the Wilde stories, and I want to thank everyone for purchasing those books and putting them on the USA Today Bestseller list!

I've been a full-time writer for years, which consists of being deep in deadlines, writing proposals (growling at the husband to fix a glitch in the computer so I can get back to work!), perusing contracts, line-edits (stressing over a scene that won't work or characters that just won't talk or cooperate with my plans for them!), galleys, art-fact sheets, promotion, and other publishing paperwork. Admittedly, I wouldn't trade all the craziness in for pantyhose, rush hour traffic, and a nine-to-five job again. Writing is hard work, but I find the rewards are well worth the effort. Fan letters are one of those priceless rewards, and can keep me on a high for days! I've met the most wonderful people through my books, some of which I now consider good friends.