The Only Best Place

Holmes Crossing Book #1

by Carolyne Aarsen

Self Published

Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance: Inspirational

January 21, 2016

ISBN-10: 0994049811

ISBN-13: 9780994049810

Available in: Paperback, e-Book (reprint)

The Only Best Place
by Carolyne Aarsen

Leslie VandeKeere had a great job and a good life in Vancouver and plans for her family’s dream home. But when her husband’s business goes south they pack up and make the temporary move to help the struggling family farm. Being the wife of a farmer was never in Leslie’s plan and she’s not sure of her place in this new territory. When Dan starts making hints that the move should be permanent, Leslie feels she has to make a stand. Trouble is, she feels like she is on her own. The extended family is all on Dan’s side. And as she deals with questions about her marriage, her family and her future she struggles to decide which place is truly the only best one.

What people are saying about The Only Best Place: “Carolyne Aarsen’s lonely protagonist, Leslie, may be someone you will love-or she may be someone you actually are. A confused wife, trying to see the sky, she is stranded in her husband’s Eden. And the serpents would absolutely love to have a chat.” Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of Cage of Stars and The Deep End of the Ocean “Okay, I’m hooked. Carolyne Aarsen writes for every woman who has said yes with her mouth but not her heart, who has led the comfort and safety of the known and stepped (mentally kicking and screaming) into the unknown.” — Neta Jackson, author of the Yada, Yada Prayer Group novels.

Originally published September 2006 in trade paperback by Warner Faith and then re-worked and repackaged November 2015 in eBook by Misty Ridge Publishing.

Carolyne Aarsen's Bio

Living a life of the writer at the intersection of No and where. Spending my days in front of a computer immersed in other worlds with people so real to me I feel that some day I will meet them. Keeping up with the Jones isn't an option. In our Dutch community there are precious few Jones so that makes life easier. I grew up in the city and now live in the country. It's a good life. Other than the swish of the dishwasher (a heavenly sound) and the occasional hum of the refrigerator, the click of my keyboard keys and the sound of my head banging against the desk when words won't obey, life here is pretty quiet. Just the way I like it.