Temptation Calls

Calling is Reborn Vampire Book 3

by , Caridad Piñeiro

Indie Published

Paranormal Romance, Paranormal Romance: Vampire

February 11, 2019

Available in: e-Book (reprint)

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Temptation Calls
by , Caridad Piñeiro

As lives went, both of hers had sucked.

Samantha Turner’s long existence has been filled with nothing but brutality and pain. But despite that, she still has the strength to help others escape the violence she could not and deep inside her undead heart, she still hopes that one day she will find love. When NYPD Detective Peter Daly enters her life, Samantha dares to want the kind of life she thought she had forever lost.

It9781386663508s his job and his calling to keep his city safe.

NYPD Homicide Detective Peter Daly has but one goal in his life: to protect and serve the people of the City of New York. Ever since his ex-wife9781386663508s betrayal, Peter has stopped hoping for the kind of life he9781386663508d thought he9781386663508d once have. One with a loving woman and kids waiting for him after a day of fighting for justice. The last thing he expected or wanted was to fall in love with a woman whose immortal existence threatens to pull him into an underworld unlike any he could have imagined. But can Peter ignore the temptation that calls him to be her lover?

Originally published October 2005 in Silhouette Intimate Moments #1390 in mass market paperback and October 2007 in eBook.