Cindy Dees

Hi, I'm Cindy Dees! I first began writing while I was a pilot in the United States Air Force because I bet my Mom a dollar I could write a book. I won the bet in short order and realized I loved to write in the process.

I criss-crossed the world for years with my trusty laptop in tow, waiting eagerly for the day when my security clearances expired and I could start sharing my stories with you. And finally, that day has arrived!

When I left the Air Force to start a family, it was a natural transition for me to an LWD-6, a Large Wooden Desk with six drawers, and my well-traveled laptop computer, of course.

My first book introduces an elite Air Force Special Forces team, known simply as Charlie Squad, to readers. And to answer the inevitable question, yes, I do relate some of my own real life experiences in my books. As for which parts of my books are real, all I'll say on the subject is that I'm happily married to my own real life, Air Force pilot hero.

I live on a ranch near Fort Worth, Texas with the man of my dreams, our daughter, three dogs, and an assortment of creeping and crawling critters my daughter brings in to the house.