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Writing A Sports Romance: A Dream Come True

by Jamie Wesley

Slamdunked by LoveI remember discovering my first sports romance like it was yesterday. It was the mid-90s and I was perusing the romance section in the mall bookstore like I did on a regular basis. I pulled a book off the shelf and turned it over to read the blurb. And then I almost started jumping for joy in the middle of that B. Dalton Bookstore. I had found what I didn’t know existed.

It was Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ It Had to Be You. Although I was a huge romance and sports fan, it had never occurred to me before I saw that book that you could combine the two.

Although it’s been more than 20 years, I still count that book as one of my favorites. What’s even cooler is that I finally got the chance to write my own sports romance!

SLAMDUNKED BY LOVE released this week.

As you might have guessed by the title, the hero, Brady is a professional basketball player.  The book is my love letter to the sport. Actually, it’s my love letter to sports in general. The dedication and skill it takes to becoming one of the best athletes in the world – I wanted to honor that, while acknowledging the toll that focus on one goal takes. It’s not all multi-million dollar contracts and fame. There’s hard work involved, doubts, highs and lows. It’s admirable what the players go through to achieve their dreams, and I really wanted to do justice to them.

As you might have guessed, I loved writing the sports parts of the book. All the knowledge I’ve gained being a fan over the years definitely came in handy. I’m from Dallas and am a huge Mavericks fan. Last season, while I was writing the book, the team traded for the Celtics’ Rajon Rondo. The Mavs had a game in Boston after he was traded. I’d put my hero Brady in that same situation, but I paid special attention to what Rondo said before and after the game to make sure I’d gotten the conflicting emotions, the uncertainty, and the nerves that come when facing your old team for the first time right. At the risk of hurting myself trying to pat myself on the back, I think I did a pretty good job.

But wait! Even if sports or basketball isn’t your thing, I’ve got you covered. One of the best compliments I’ve gotten in a review was “I found this sport themed read to be a slam dunk and I don’t even like basketball.” Why? Because what I love even more than telling a sports story is telling a love story.

Although Brady believes basketball is all he needs in his life, he has no choice but to reevaluate his stance when he meets Caitlin and is blown away by her. Caitlin is dealing with her own issues and never expects to fall for Brady. It was so glorious watching them find what they never knew they needed. LOL.

I can’t wait to do it again.


What’s your favorite sport to read about? Do you have a favorite sports romance? If sports aren’t your thing, what’s your favorite type of romance? One person who comments will win a prize!


Revenge is supposed to be sweet…

Caitlin Monroe is ready to confront her past. Years ago, her father ditched her mother for the NBA, leaving her pregnant and alone. Now he’s a big-shot coach, and Caitlin’s ready to take the so-called “family man” down. But on her way to the team gala, her car dies, and it’s her father’s sexy new star player who comes to her rescue.

Brady Hudson wants nothing more than to put his past behind him and concentrate on winning the championship for his new team. But when he finds himself the recipient of unwanted attention—attention that could destroy his career—he introduces the beautiful woman he saved on the side of the road as his “girlfriend.”

Brady needs to focus on his job. And Caitlin isn’t about to date an athlete whose career is riding on her father—though he is a convenient way to get the dirt she needs. But sometimes love has other ideas, and it’s not long before their pretend relationship becomes a liability neither can resist…



Jamie Wesley

Jamie Wesley

Jamie Wesley has been reading romance novels since she was about 12 when her mother left a romance novel, which a friend had given her, on the nightstand. Jamie read it instead, and the rest is history. She loves sports and spends an inordinate amount of time rooting for her hometown Dallas’s pro sports teams and her alma maters, Northwestern and the University of Texas at Austin. She also adores Walt Disney World, shopping, and pop culture. Want to know if your favorite TV show is going to be canceled or what the newest Disney attraction is? Ask Jamie. She'll probably know the answer.

8 thoughts on “Writing A Sports Romance: A Dream Come True”

  1. Avatar Cari White says:

    Football is my favorite! My dad coached for 28 years, 15 of it in the NFL!

    1. I love football too! Supercool job for your dad!

  2. Avatar twinreader says:

    I like sports romances. I am reading a hockey series now and learning quite a bit about hockey. This is especially nice because my daughter is a fan.

    1. You can impress her with all the knowledge you’re gaining! lol.

  3. Avatar Kat says:

    Basketball is my favorite sport to read about. I played a little bit as a kid and my daughter plays at the high school level now.

    1. Hi Kat,

      I’m a huge basketball fan (in case it wasn’t obvious – lol), but I never played. How cool that you can share that with your daughter!

  4. Avatar KimmiRoRo says:

    My usual reads are historical romances but I recently read a couple of hockey romance series and absolutely love the combo of sports and romance.

    1. Cool! I think it’s fun to mix it up a little bit!

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