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Writerspace Interview With Jo Davis/JD Tyler

Thank you so much for having me here today at Writerspace! I’m looking forward to our visit!

On The Run1.  Question: What is the best part of being a writer?  What is the worst?

The best and worst parts are the same—the isolation. I’m a loner by nature, so I can disappear into the world of a book I’m writing for days or weeks and I’m happy as a clam. My family, however, becomes impatient with me and they have to coax me out of my office and remind me that the important things in my life are not found in those pages.

2.  Question: Name one eye-opening thing you learned from your book research.

When starting the Firefighters series, I was amazed and awestruck by how much those men and women do in the course of a shift that has nothing to do with fighting fires, which accounts for only about 3% of their calls (at the station I mainly used for my contact). Accidents in the home, traffic accidents, and medical emergencies account for almost all their calls, and the occasional rescue. I’ve always respected firefighters, and now even more so.

These days, when researching police and law enforcement for the Sugarland Blue series, I’m constantly in awe of how tough it is for them to just do their jobs. They face danger and ridicule on a daily basis. The vast majority are great cops, but they quietly go about doing their best and don’t get the credit they deserve.

3.  Questions: Do you have a favorite motto?

I love this one by Stephen King: “Speaking personally, you can have my gun, but you’ll take my book when you pry my cold, dead fingers off the binding.” 

4.  Question: Do you have a favorite fictional hero?  Favorite fictional heroine?

My favorite heroes of all time: Harry Dresden in The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher and Lucas Davenport in the Prey series by John Sandford. Favorite Heroine: Skye O’ Malley from the book of the same name by the late Bertrice Small.

5.  Question: Which fictional character would you hang out with?

I would love to hang out with Harry Dresden, the hero from Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series! A hunky private eye/master wizard who’s always getting himself into some sort of paranormal scrape…what’s not to love?

6.  Question: What is one of your favorite book covers, your own or someone else’s?

My favorite covers so far are for my newest release, ON THE RUN (Sugarland #4, available tomorrow 4/7), and my upcoming August release as J.D. Tyler, CHASE THE DARKNESS (Alpha Pack #7). NAL creates gorgeous covers for me! I’ve been so lucky.

7.  Questions: What would readers be surprised to learn about you?

Chase the DarknessI don’t know… Maybe that I can recite the entire prologue of the Canterbury Tales from memory, thanks to my high school English teacher in my senior year? Or that my house is haunted?  

8. Question: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever learned by Googling your name?

That there’s a “Jo Davis Correctional Facility” in Alabama.  Somehow that just seems fitting (my friends tease me about my warped mind), but getting their Google Alerts in my inbox is really creepy. LOL.

9.  Question: If you could go backward or forward in time which would you chose?  Why?

Definitely backward. I’d love to go back to when I was a kid in the early ‘70’s, riding in a car with one of my older cousins driving, the window down on a beautiful summer day, a Slurpee in one hand, “California Dreamin’” playing on the radio, and not a care in the world…

10.  Question: Jo, please tell us more about your recent release by NAL, “ON THE RUN”?

ON THE RUN is the fourth book in my Sugarland Blue series, and it’s Detective Tonio Salvatore’s story. Here’s the blurb:

Tonio knows that loneliness is the price he has to pay to avoid being hurt again. But the strictly by-the-book cop never expected to be blindsided by a woman who pulls him right out of his self-imposed isolation.

Angel Silva isn’t just from the wrong side of the tracks—she’s on the wrong side of the law. She’s desperate to break free from her dangerous brother and his gang, but when a sexy new recruit joins them, Angel is more trapped than ever—because the ruthless Tonio Reyes isn’t what he seems. When she discovers the man she’s falling for is one of Sugarland’s finest, she’s forced to go on the run.

Instead of taking Angel into custody, Tonio finds himself risking his career to keep her safe. And as the beautiful woman tears down all his defenses, Tonio realizes he’ll risk his very life to set her free.

11.  Question: If you could compare “ON THE RUN” to your other books in the “SUGARLAND BLUE” series, how would you say it’s different?

This book is different because unlike the others, in which the heroes are out investigating in the open while trying to solve the crimes in their stories, Tonio ends up working undercover for a dangerous local criminal. It’s also a bit heartbreaking because Rab, the ringleader, really likes and bonds with Tonio. But Rab is not a nice guy, and his life is one big missed opportunity. Things will not end well for him, and perhaps for Tonio…

12.  Question: Which do you find is most important to you as a writer, voice or story? Why?

For me, definitely voice. There’s a vast difference between telling a story and telling a story so that it leaves the reader breathless and exhilarated at the end of an emotional journey, and eagerly awaiting the next book. Voice gives the story that extra umph.

13. Question:  Jo, please tell us where we can find you out in cyber world.  For desperate readers we just need to know…J

Please visit my websites at and for release news,  excerpts and more!

14.  Question:  I know this is a difficult question with there being so many amazing authors out there to choose from but who are some of the GOT-TO-HAVE authors in your TBR pile?

Oh, gosh, there’s so many! Off the top of my head, I’d have to say Jim Butcher, Addison Fox, J.R. Ward, and Cindy Gerard. I also love m/m romance and authors on my auto-buy list in this genre are Eresse, Abigail Roux, Avril Ashton, Lou Sylvre, and Victor J. Banis. Those are just the tip of the iceberg!   

15.  Question:  What’s next in the works for you?  When can readers expect to see it out on shelves in their local bookstores?

Next up for release is CHASE THE DARKNESS, the 7th installment of the Alpha Pack series, which will be released in August. This one is Micah Chase’s story, and readers have waited a long time for his book. I’m really excited about this book, and it has all of my trademark gut-wrenching moments. And my readers know that I love to throw in a surprise at the end…well, this one is no different! There’s a big surprise. That’s all I’m going to say for now… 

I’d like to thank Jo Davis/JD Tyler for stopping by and spending time with us, it’s been a blast getting to know more about you and your books.  I wish you all the best and much success in everything you do.

Thank you for inviting me here today! It’s been my pleasure!

What type of hero is your favorite? (Alpha male, beta male, FBI agent, shifter, vampire, etc) And what type of story would you like to see more or less of? (Shifters, vampires, suspense, etc)

One reader who comments will receive a signed copy of ON THE RUN!









Jo Davis

Jo Davis

Jo Davis is a Master of Education who spent sixteen years in the public school trenches before she left teaching to pursue her dream of writing full time. Trial by Fire launches Jo's sexy, debut romantic suspense series involving the firefighters of Station Five. Jo is an active member of the Romance Writers of America, and has been a finalist in RWA's Golden Heart® for Best Romantic Suspense. She is also a member of the Dallas Area Romance Authors, The Golden Network, and Passionate Ink. Her guilty pleasures are reading, margaritas, and one-hour massages...preferably all at once.

Jo lives in Texas with her wonderful husband, Paul, and their two terrific children.

15 thoughts on “Writerspace Interview With Jo Davis/JD Tyler”

  1. Avatar Debbie says:

    While I love a good alpha male, I also enjoy reading about a wealthy CEO or a kind of quirky computer nerd. A lot depends on the mood I’m in at the time.

    1. Avatar Jo Davis says:

      Hi Debbie, I love both the wealthy CEO and the nerd types, though I admit I’m partial to nerds. 🙂 What I read depends on my mood as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Avatar Cecilia says:

    My kind of fictional hero has a little bit of an edge just to be interesting.

    1. Avatar Jo Davis says:

      Hi Cecilia, I love heroes with an edge as well. Sometimes they might be a bit outside the law, or have a tragedy they’re trying to overcome. I love heroes with plenty of flaws. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Avatar Betul E. says:

    I love ALPHA bikers & shifters (Alpha biker shifter is the best combination!!). I don’t read any vampire stories, unless it’s written by a favorite author (or it has an unique/interesting plot)

    1. Avatar Jo Davis says:

      Hi Betul, I’ve noticed that biker/motorcycle club heroes are very popular right now and I’ve enjoyed reading some of these. Biker shifter is very cool! I’ve only read one of those and I’d love to read more! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Avatar Mary C. says:

    I enjoying reading all hero types – it depends on my mood.

    1. Avatar Jo Davis says:

      Hi Mary, I enjoy all types too. I love alpha and beta depending on my mood. I love a nerd once in a while too. 🙂 Thanks for coming by!

  5. Avatar Shelly E says:

    I love your books…as Jo Davis and as J D Tyler!!

    1. Avatar Jo Davis says:

      Hi Shelly, Thanks so much! I’m so glad you enjoy my stories. I sure love writing them, and have loved writing ever since I was a kid. It’s great to be doing what I love. Thanks for coming by!

  6. I love alpha males and stories with a ‘special ops’ flair. it could be contemporary or paranormal.

    1. Avatar Jo Davis says:

      Hi Donna, I love those types of stories too! Who doesn’t love a hunky alpha male doing his high-testosterone alpha thing? Especially when he’s special ops? Yuuum! I enjoy either contemporary or paranormal too. 🙂 Thanks for coming by!

  7. Avatar Jo Davis says:

    I’m sorry I’m saying hello so late! It’s been a heck of a day, ending with a visit to a police officer friend in the hospital who just had triple bypass surgery on his heart. All is well, though! Thank you to Writerspace for having me here today and for our reader visitors for saying hello! 🙂

  8. Avatar Tina says:

    I am very into shifters right now.

    1. Avatar Jo Davis says:

      Hi Tina, you aren’t alone! Shifters are still so popular and it looks like they’ll be around a while, happily. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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