Writerspace Contest Entry Plugin

The Writerspace Contest Entry plugin was designed to make administration of Writerspace contents simple and easy.

Installing the Plugin:

  1. Delete previous version of Writerspace Contest Entry plugin (skip this step if you are installing for the first time)
  2. Install and activate Writerspace Contest Entry plugin through WordPress admin

Add a new contest:

  1. Navigate to My Contests in the admin sidebar
  2. Click Add Contest
  3. Enter Name and Contest ID (Contest ID supplied by Writerspace, name is arbitrary and is for identification purposes only)
  4. Click SAVE CHANGES and you will be given a short code id that looks like No contest data

Edit a contest:

  1. Navigate to My Contests in the admin sidebar
  2. Click Edit on appropriate Contest
  3. Edit Name and/or Contest ID

Add a contest to a page

  1. Add the shortcode (including brackets) to content section of the page where you would like the Writerspace contest to show (the shortcode for each contest can be found under My Contests)

Content added to your site
The Writerspace Contest Entry plugin creates a custom post type called ws_contests. When a contest is created a new post is created along with one meta field for contest ID.  That is it. The only data that is stored is the name of the contest and one custom field. The rest of the functionally and data storage is handled through the Writerspace servers.

Download the Writerspace Contest Entry Plugin