posted on September 21, 2020 by Julie Rowe

What’s inside Your Bubble?

Covid-19 has upended life almost everywhere on the planet. Daily activities, family dynamics, travel, healthcare concerns, and how and where we work changed overnight. A lot of us are operating within bubbles—sticking to the closest grocery store, and spending time face-to-face with only one or two family members and friends. Which is difficult.

Any large change is hard. So many changes at once, under stress, and with no firm resolution to Covid-19 in sight, surpasses any normal definition of difficult. And yet, our situation won’t just go away simply because we want it to. All of us need to learn to cope with our broken routines, habits, and expectations of how life is supposed to unfold.

My coping strategies for stress are pretty simple: Books, books, and more books!

Ok, that’s not the only thing I do to cope. 😊 Here’s a more complete list:

  • Reading has always been a pleasure, but I find a lot of comfort in re-reading my favorite stories and series. Nalini Singh, Patricia Briggs, Anne Bishop, and Ilona Andrews are some of my go-to authors. I’ve also been rereading some older Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffery, and David Weber too. If you’ve never read any of their books, all three have huge backlists.
  • Paper crafting was something I did once in a while, but in the last few years, it’s become a near daily activity. I can’t draw to save my life, my singing voice sucks, and my pottery always ends up lopsided, but I can operate a paper cutter and glue paper together like I was born to do it! I now create greeting cards, folded book art, and most of my own swag to give away to readers.
  • Zoom meetings don’t sound very exciting, but when things got shut down earlier this year, the only way to meet up with other writers, and commiserate with each other, was via Zoom. My local writing group usually meets once a week, not in a Starbucks, but on Zoom and we’re still able to keep each other motivated. Or, at least, pat each other on the virtual back in sympathy. 😊
  • Family gatherings have changed, especially if your relatives are spread out over longer distances, but again, Zoom or Facebook, can be a way to keep in touch and stay connected.

So, what’s inside your bubble? What are you doing to cope with the stress of life right now?



Racing to lock down the CDC’s deadly virus samples from terrorists, ex-Special Forces medic Henry Lee partners with Ruby Toth on the Outbreak Task Force. But the terrorists always seem one step ahead. As they work side by side, Henry’s taken with how Ruby accepts and respects him, instead of pitying him for all he lost overseas, including his leg. Ruby’s hiding something, though, and Henry fears she’s been leaking sensitive information.

Terrorists have kidnapped her brother, and now microbiologist Ruby Toth faces a horrible choice. If she doesn’t give them a vial of Small Pox as ransom, her brother will die. She knows her prickly—yet very hot—boss, Henry, could provide the help she needs. But she joined the CDC to root out insiders plotting to unleash a bio-engineered pandemic, and she can’t trust anyone. Not even Henry.

Each book in the Outbreak Task Force series is STANDALONE:
* Viable Threat
* Smoke & Mirrors
* Sleight of Hand
* Search & Destroy
* Hell & Back


Julie Rowe

Julie Rowe

Julie Rowe's first career as a medical lab technologist in Canada took her to the North West Territories and northern Alberta, where she still resides. She loves to include medical details in her romance novels, but admits she'll never be able to write about all her medical experiences because, "Fiction has to be believable". Julie writes romantic suspense and romantic thrillers. Her most recent titles include SMOKE & MIRRORS book #2 and SLEIGHT OF HAND book #3 of the Outbreak Taskforce series.

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