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What is it about Reunion Romances?

I’m celebrating the release of A TASTE OF SEDUCTION, book #5 in my Disgraced Lords series. It’s a reunited lovers story, and where you learn the identity of the series villain.


A Taste of SeductionThe flames of desire fuel a torrid reunion as USA Today bestselling author Bronwen Evans returns with another captivating novel of the Disgraced Lords. See why Jen McLaughlin raves, “Bronwen’s historical romances always make the top of my reading list!”

Lady Evangeline Stuart chose to wed a tyrant with a title, or so society believes. That was five years ago—five long years she could have spent with her first and only love: Lord Hadley Fullerton, the second son of the Duke of Claymore. Now Evangeline is a widow, and her soul cries out for Hadley. But when they see each other at last, everything has changed. The passion in his eyes has been corrupted by betrayal. Somehow Evangeline must regain Hadley’s trust—without revealing the secret that would spoil the seduction.

Hadley is determined not to be distracted by Evangeline. He and the other Libertine Scholars are in pursuit of an enemy who has been striking at them from the shadows, and Evangeline’s mere presence could be dangerous. But with one smile, one touch, one taste of Evangeline’s lips, Hadley’s resolve is overpowered by much more pleasant memories. As the two enter into a discreet affair, Hadley vows to give her his body, never his heart. That she will have to earn.

As a reader I love a lovers reunited story. What makes a reunion story stir our hearts?

Perhaps it’s because there is an instant backstory created when characters reunite. If a hero and heroine are meeting for the first time, they must first begin to learn about the other (outside of instant attraction) so that the story can go deeper. But if the hero and heroine have a past together, you can believe the instant attraction and know that there is something deeper and more profound underneath.

Or maybe it’s because of the additional satisfaction of the happy ending. Even when it seems like a relationship is over, done, dead in the ground, love conquers all and brings the couple back together. And frequently, the relationship is better for everyone the second time around, characters are older, wiser and often more careful with their loved one’s heart!

This month’s A Taste of Seduction, which features reunited lovers Lord Hadley Fullerton and Lady Evangeline Stuart is a tragic reunion story.  Five years ago, unbeknown to each other, our Disgraced Lords villain ensured the young lovers were doomed.

Reunited lovers come with complicated pasts, which I love. My reunited lovers were happy together, and then things ended badly, but Evangeline always hoped Hadley would come and rescue her. Unfortunately for Evangeline, Hadley had no idea she needed rescuing.

In A Taste of Seduction, there is a lot of anger, betrayal, and hurt on both sides and the only thing going for their reunion is that they are both older and more mature. They can sit down and actually talk to each other. I love how the whole experience brings them closer together as they set off to discover if their previous passion could ever be rekindled and if in fact they really loved each other in the first place. Can love be reborn? They are both such different people, both shaped by the circumstances of the past five years.

I love writing reunion stories (my books To Wager the Marquis of Wolverstone and my only contemporary, The Reluctant Wife are other reunion stories I have written). For one thing, since they already know each other, the conflict is already established. But my favorite thing about reunited lovers is the emotional journey. Obviously, in almost every case, they have parted on less than good terms, and taking that journey from hurt and even animosity, back to love is extremely satisfying to me as a writer.

For Hadley and Evangeline they were torn apart by another’s deception so when they meet they can clear that up. But what they cannot quickly recover from is that at their very first test of their love both of them faltered and did not believe in the other. They must look deep in themselves and ask the question why? Why did they believe another’s lies so easily and what does that mean to the state of their relationship?

I also love that I can be really mean to my characters. I don’t go easy on the past lovers. I love bringing two lovers together with all of their baggage and heartache (ad there is special baggage in A Taste of Seduction), all of their wants and needs and suspicions. Watching them work through their issues and come to a place where they can let go of the past, perhaps even start again, and move on to their happily ever after.

From a writers’ point of view, you have an instant built-in conflict. Why did our lovers become separated/estranged in the first place? Chances are it will act as an impediment on the way to happiness.

From a reader’s point of view, I simply love the idea that reconciliation is possible. That Hadley and Evangeline can grow and become more generous, more loving individuals. That they can begin again and see if the youthful love they shared was in fact real. That a mature, deeper love evolves.

I want to know, what do you love about reunion romances? What’s your favorite reunion story?

Leave me a comment below and be automatically entered to win a copy of To Wager the Marquis of Wolverstone – my first reunion story.

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Bronwen Evans

Bronwen Evans

USA Today bestselling author, Bronwen Evans grew up loving books. She writes both historical and contemporary sexy romances for the modern woman who likes intelligent, spirited heroines, and compassionate alpha heroes. Evans is a three-time winner of the RomCon Readers' Crown and has been nominated for an RT Reviewers' Choice Award. She lives in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand with her dogs Brandy and Duke. You can keep up with Bronwen's news by visiting her website

8 thoughts on “What is it about Reunion Romances?”

  1. Avatar Sarah says:

    Yes, I like a reunion romance; the characters meet again after being apart for years due to misunderstanding or something, they realize they still share feelings and begin the process of putting their lives back together. It’s a great plot device and leaves the reader pleased and satisfied!

    1. Thanks, Sarah

      I love the journey of putting their lives back together too!

  2. Avatar carrie macon says:

    Yes I do. Because you always find that the couple had a strong bond before the break-up, some don’t officially break they just quit and then there are the ones where family is the cause. I love seeing them try so hard to not get back together,one doesn’t want to say I love you before the other but in their hearts they just can’t help it. I especially love the Christmas season ones. What is a better time to fall in love all over again than at Christ,as time? I’m half sleep so I hope I am making sense.

  3. Avatar Shannon says:

    I love reunion stories. I like how the characters develop and grow but can still find the things in each other that initially drew them together.

    1. That’s what I find fascinating – the question of can they rekindle that spark?

  4. Avatar Patricia Schuette says:

    I always enjoy stories about reunited lovers especially if I have a good cry while reading them.

    1. I love a good cry too. Followed by a HEA!

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