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I should say, Between the pig brain experiments and yesterday’s 3D printed heart from human cells, I’ve never wished more to be back in my graduate bioethics classroom.

When I have to take a shower, I tell my 10yo son he’s in charge, but really it’s my 2yo daughter who keeps him and her twin brother in line. I bet by the time she’s 4, she’ll be able to babysit her brothers. 😄

Stayed up late to finish “Dying to Remember,” a @LoveInspiredBks Suspense by
@SaraKParker! Loved it. Loved how the heroine had real questions about unanswered prayers, and how God beings beauty from the ashes. #ChristFic

Today we did a major #SpringCleaning and decluttered! Cleared off all the countertops & surfaces etc.

The difference was dramatic enough that even my 2yo son noticed!

Today my 9yo son wanted to throw a penny into the library’s wishing fountain, so of course my 2yo twins wanted to do the same. DS went first & wished for Transformers to come to Earth for real.

My daughter went next. Her wish was to throw the penny in the water 😂

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