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Had a youngling author PM me and say she read one of my books and found my story, with a 40 year old heroine being persued by a 30 year old hockey player, "unrealistic and gross." GROSS. So tell me, Romancelandia, is ageism okay with you? Apparently, I'm also "irrelevant."

Holly is the best office buddy. 11 years old and still a pup. #BestinRescue @AnimalLeague

FREE Military & Hero Romances alert!!! Enter to win 30 novels (hint: my book is one of them!) + a brand new eReader —just follow me and other great Military & Hero Romance authors on BookBub! #books #amreading #militaryromance

Riley was a naughty boy yesterday and ate a rock. It came back up, but he wasn’t feeling well as a result. Today seems better. He’s running slow but he’s eating and drinking without issue. Our vet assures is he’s on the mend. But really? A rock? #doggo #collie #dumbdog 🤦🏻‍♀️

Just looked at my schedule for this year. I’m out of town one weekend in April and then, between July and November 2019, I’m out of town at least one weekend every month. Only the August trip is a vacation. 😳 When did I become this person? #writerlife #travelingwriter

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