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There's a box in my office filled with envelopes and letterheads. I tried to move it, but I couldn't.
Then it dawned on me. It was … stationary.

#monday #punny

Hello, book! Are you going to get yourself written today? 🤔 📚 ☕️ 🥐

Fabulous workshop by @MelindaLeigh1 on writing romantic suspense @NJRomanceWriter conference

Coffee & book lovers, I'm giving away a Starbucks card and a signed copy of DESPERATE GIRLS 🙂 #giftcard #giveaway #reading

There is a tiny and very old woman across from me at this cafe wearing a sparkly hat and talking on the phone about how "it's so important to have friends you can rely on, you always know you can count on me" and my heart just grew three sizes. #amwriting #ameavesdropping

It's Tracers Tuesday & I'm giving away a Starbucks gift card and signed copy of UNSPEAKABLE, from the Tracers series: #giveaway #book #giftcard

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