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Time Travel

by Augustina Van Hoven –

_uploads_2014_07_Augustina-765x1024The concept of time travel absolutely fascinates me.  To be able to go to other points in time and witness historic events or to travel to the future to see what is coming, have always been fantasies of mine.  In my new upcoming series, I will be exploring the different possibilities and consequences of time travel.

There is a lot of argument about whether time travel is possible or not.  The hypothetical theory for it is an Einstein-Rosen Bridge, otherwise known as a wormhole.  A wormhole is a short cut through the space-time continuum.  It acts like a tunnel connecting two places in three-dimensional space, the present and the past or future, with time as the fourth dimensional element.  We have seen this principal used in many television shows, movies, and novels.  The triggering mechanism differs from story to story, but the end results is always the same, a person suddenly finds themselves in a time that is not their own.

One of the most popular television shows about time travel was ‘Quantum Leap’.  The main character stepped into the lives of different people in the past and changed the outcome of events.  This brings up a problem with traveling to the past, the possibility of significantly changing events to the point where the future is altered.  The old “butterfly concept” where a time traveler stepping on a butterfly in 1583 could lead to his own grandfather never being born and, consequently, the traveler ceases to exist.  Many stories and movies also deal with this.  One of my favorite time travel movies is ‘Déjà Vu’ with Denzel Washington.  The film tells the story of an ATF officer investigating a ferryboat explosion, who is introduced to new governmental technology that can look back in time and see the events.  After a while, the main character realizes he can use this knowledge to save the lives of the people on the ferry and sends himself back in time.

Diana Gabaldon in her series, Outlander, tells the story of a time traveler who marries and has a child by a person in the past.  The future is altered by the existence of someone who, without the time travel, would never have existed.  What are the ultimate ramifications of this on the rest of the world?

It is also possible to alter events by going into the future.  Someone traveling forward can bring back knowledge that allows the person to alter events because they know the original outcome, such as a winning lottery number or how to create a product that doesn’t exist yet.

A movie trilogy that explored a lot of these possibilities was the ‘Back to the Future’ series with Michael J. Fox.  The main character traveled to both the future and the past and had to “fix” the historical events that were altered by his very presence in a time that was not his own.

These problems and the other consequences, such as how to survive in a different time, will be some of the things I will be exploring in the new series.  I do not have a release date yet, but be looking for the announcements in my newsletter and other social media out lets.

What are your favorite time travel movies or stories?


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Augustina  Van Hoven

Augustina Van Hoven

Augustina Van Hoven was born in The Netherlands and currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two dogs and three cats. She is an avid reader of romance, science fiction and fantasy. When she's not writing she likes to work in her garden or in the winter months crochet and knit on her knitting machines.

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8 thoughts on “Time Travel”

  1. Avatar Juanita Rice says:

    The Yellowstone series by Peggy Henderson is wonderful time travel! 🙂

  2. I like time travel stories, too. Your book sounds intriguing! Best of luck!


  3. Avatar debraelise says:

    Great post Augustina. I love anything with a time travel theme…I read The Kiss of a Rose and loved it!

  4. Avatar karyrader says:

    I love time travel concepts. My favorite was the TV Series LOST a few years back. They followed the whatever-happened-happened theory. In other words, you could never change the past because anything you do already happened.

  5. Fascinating post, Augustina. I like to think anything’s possible. The Kiss of a Rose sounds like a wonderful story.

  6. Avatar pmillhouse says:

    Hi Augustina,
    I loved how JJAbrams included time travel in the first new Star Trek movie with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.
    Very cool interview, and many happy sales for The Kiss of a Rose.

  7. My absolute favorite time travel movie of all times is the old 1980 Somewhere in Time with Jane Seymore and Christopher Reeve. Although, I did like how they handled parallel story lines in the latest Star Trek movie too. 🙂

  8. Add me to the list of time travel enthusiasts.

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