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This Is How To Write A Book…

With a full time job, a husband, three kids, two dogs and a never ending household to-do list, the one question people ask me a lot is – how have I managed to write not just one, but five books?

Well, the above quote captures my truth perfectly. Yes, it is that easy and that hard.

But for me it’s so worth it.

That’s because I love writing. I love the research, I love developing dimensional characters. And I especially love crafting suspenseful plot lines, with just the right amount of romance and sizzle mixed in.

I’m a big believer that everyone should have something of their very own that brings them that kind of challenge and joy in their life.

So if you’re thinking of writing your own book or training for a marathon or starting your own business, and your life is as busy as mine, I have a great tip to share with you. It’s something I learned as part of my newbie yoga practice. My instructor often uses the term Drishti to assist the class with a difficult placement or position.

Drishti means focused gaze. The idea is to withdraw from everything around you and focus your attention – both externally and internally on an intention. By limiting the distractions and disconnecting from all the other stimuli around you, you’re best able to meet that intention.

Just like you, my weeks get crazy and it’s easy for my writing to take a back seat. Which is why I find Drishti a very helpful concept, even outside the yoga studio. I’ve come to realize that regardless of the dishes in the sink, social media, laundry or the other distractions that life seems to throw my way, my writing deserves my focused gaze.

So if there’s something you’ve been meaning to try, then jump in. And if it brings you the kind of joy that makes everything else in your life that much better, make space and time for it.

By focusing your intention and your gaze, before you know it, you’ll be one step, one chapter, or one checked box further along to realizing your dream.

‘til next time…


P.S. I’m still busy on my latest novel – DUSK TO DAWN…

In the meantime, don’t miss my latest release– NEVER LET ME GO

An elaborate cybercrime, the sizzling heat of the Nevada desert, a steamy romance and page-turning suspense, NEVER LET ME GO has it all!



“We’re looking for Donald Osco. Do you know where he is?”

Questions from a team of federal agents is the last thing Assistant DA Elise Grady expected on a trip out to Las Vegas to visit her friend Donnie.

Truth is, after seeing his new million dollar townhouse, and the tens of thousands of dollars hidden away in his dresser drawer, Elise has some questions of her own — along with an uneasy feeling that Donnie is involved in something way over his head.

But those answers will have to wait because now Donnie and his new fiancé, Angie have gone missing. And with the authorities in on the search, the lines between right and wrong begin to blur as Elise becomes determined to do whatever it takes to find the young couple. Which includes teaming up with Angie’s handsome brother, whose own secrets and unexpected kisses are turning Elise’s carefully aligned world upside down.

Focused, professional, disciplined, there’s good reason Marc Ruiz is considered one of the top Secret Service agents around. And while he has spent his career dedicated to the protection of world and national leaders, his latest operation is hitting a little too close to home — tracking down his sister and her new fiancé who have are not only being chased down by federal agents, but a team of criminals hell bent on revenge.

Add a sizzling attraction to a brainy and beautiful attorney into the mix and Marc soon realizes that playing outside the rules may be the only way to keep them all safe.

Maggie Collins

Maggie Collins

Aside from my full time job in the financial services industry, I've been an avid reader of romantic suspense for years. Not too long ago I started writing and am now the author of four novels.I'm also a wife, busy mom of three and I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York. It is a #busywriterslife! I blog about my life and my writing at

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