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The Surrender Trilogy

9781101626092_FallingIn_CV.indd “Don’t stand there and act like you are in any way accountable for my life. You don’t know the first thing about my life outside of this hotel. You couldn’t even cope with me spending one night in a shelter. What about all the nights I slept under a bridge, or on a bench? I was born in an alley, addicted to heroin. Did you know that? Of course not, because you’re too busy playing martyr to all my problems. Well they aren’t your problems! They’re mine! And I don’t need you to feel responsible for them anymore.”

~Evelyn Scout Keats; FALLING IN {The Surrender Trilogy 1}

Evelyn “Scout” Keats has captured readers’ hearts! After a lifetime of strife, struggling to survive, her entire world has been flipped upside down in meeting one man, Lucian Patras.

Breaking outDefined by practicality, Scout loses a bit of her sensibility when she unwittingly surrenders her heart to a man nothing like herself. From vagrant to aristocrat, her independent strength carries her through many obstacles and erotic adventures. But when her hard earned dignity is threatened by the secret Lucian is keeping, the fantasies fall away and reality comes crashing back.

“There were various levels of kissing, Evelyn had come to discover. There were the kisses like cute little snippets that played over lips like plucked petals, whispering childlike flirtations. Then there were kisses that left no room for argument, the kind that demanded your soul and would settle for nothing less. Then there were kisses hinting of dirty deeds in dark nights, the kind of kisses that curled one’s toes and had the potency to black out one’s mind, leaving a girl never quite sure if she had been kissed or f**ked.

9781101626122_ComingHome_CV.inddThen there were kisses like the one she was receiving now, kisses that ran the gamut of all emotions too intense to speak. Lucian’s hold was relentless, his touch proclaiming his potent need. His mouth whispered sweet desperations, and she tasted his fear like a drug flowing into her until desperation caught fire and the fear abated. Kisses like this were confusing. It was a kiss of heroic suicide. The kind soldiers gave their young brides before going to war, knowing they might never have a chance to kiss them so again.”

~BREAKING OUT {The Surrender Trilogy 2}

Do not miss this darkly compelling romance trilogy!

The Surrender Trilogy

By Lydia Michaels




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Lydia Michaels

Lydia Michaels

Lydia Michaels is an award winning author of paranormal and contemporary erotic romance. She lives in Pennsylvania with her wonderfully supportive husband, beautiful daughter, and her two ridiculously spoiled dogs. After graduating college, Lydia married her childhood sweetheart and best friend then became a mother and quickly discovered her love for literature. The only hobby she enjoys more than reading exciting romance novels is writing them! If she is not off spending time with her family you can usually find Lydia at her computer working on her next story or hiding somewhere quiet with a great book. She loves taking a romantic plot with steamy chemistry and pushing the characters through an evolution of emotion by creating real life challenges any hero or heroine worth their salt could overcome. She presses the bounds of love and surprises readers just when they think they have her stories figured out. Her books are intellectual, erotic, haunting, always centered on love.

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