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The Mix-up at the Animal Shelter!

Lyn Cote here–About the Mix-up at the Animal Shelter–In June we had to put our cat to sleep. V-8 (named for the engine) was 21+ years old and finally couldn’t walk and didn’t want to eat. I cried of course. He’d been a member of the family since 2003. We got him from the local county humane shelter.

I heard on the local TV news that the same shelter had an overabundance of cats. So my husband and I made an appointment to visit and we had decided we wanted a male and female cat at least one or two years old.

Evidently the response had been good so when we got there August 30, there were hardly any adult cats left. I really don’t “do” kittens, but there were a pair of 6 month old siblings playing in the cat cage area for socialization. One of them hopped up on my lap and began purring. My husband couldn’t make a decision so we left with regrets. A few blocks from the shelter, we parked and discussed it. He finally decided he wanted the young bonded pair we’d interacted with, a brother and sister, so we drove back and put in our claim.

They were about to be neutered or spayed so we were asked to come back in two days. When we returned, we were told a mistake had been made during intake and we were getting two brothers. Well, what could we say? Home we went. So far so good! Fortunately I had “baby-proofed” the main part of the house so we’re doing okay. Except they like to climb up onto the top of our kitchen cabinets! Oh, well, boys will be boys. But what did we name our boys? Well, that story will come next month!

BTW, my historical romance, JOURNEY TO PEACE is on sale for 99 cents from September 15-September 21st.

Identical twin brothers are unjustly outcast from society and parted

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BITTER AUTUMN , my contemporary romantic suspense, is free from September 25-September 29th.

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Happy Autumn!

Lyn Cote

Lyn Cote

USA Today best-selling author of over 40 romances, Lyn Cote writes award-winning contemporary and historical romance. Her brand is "Strong Women, Brave Stories." Her books feature a strong heroine, often a multi-cultural cast of characters and authentic history or contemporary life. She lives with her real life hero in a lakeside cottage in the northwoods with two fun cats. (She loves dogs too. :-)

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2 thoughts on “The Mix-up at the Animal Shelter!”

  1. Colleen C says:

    They are so cute! I am glad they found a wonderful home with you!

  2. Amber says:

    Can’t wait to hear what you name the brothers.
    Have fun on your getogether with that other author (just read her blogpost) 🍂

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