posted on January 11, 2016 by Gail Chianese

Taking a Page from My Heroine

by Gail Chianese

Boyfriend for HireWelcome 2016 and good-bye 2015! Thank goodness. Not that 2015 was a bad year, not in the least. It saw the release of my debut, BACHELORETTE FOR SALE, and the follow up, BOYFRIEND FOR HIRE. My baby started high school. My husband served as the Grand Poobah for his lodge. I served as my writing chapter’s president for the second year in a row. We took a trip to California to visit family and then I headed down to NYC for the Romance Writers of America’s national conference.

It seemed as if we had an event scheduled for every weekend.

While I don’t mind being busy (some would say I thrive on it). I do mind being so busy that things don’t get done or get forgotten. Like when you wake up and realize you are supposed to be at the dentist office in ten minutes or you log in to Facebook and realize it’s a dear friend’s birthday and you didn’t even get them a card. Or the house isn’t clean, groceries aren’t bought, and you’re word count hasn’t been added to for days.

Yeah, that’s too busy.

Bachelorette for SaleSo this year, I’m going to take a page from my heroine, Tawny Torres, who loves lists. They keep her on track and she’s able to juggle multiple tasks and get it all done on time. I know what you’re saying. But, Gail, she’s fictional. She can do anything. Sure, that’s true enough, but she’s not Wonder Woman. Stress can get to her, just like the rest of her.

I’ll let you all in on a little secret, the list making, organized part of Tawny is me. Well, the me before things got too chaotic and I stopped prioritizing tasks and scheduling time for what’s important (including having fun). Like Tawny’s life in the beginning of BOYFRIEND FOR HIRE this past year my life has been all about work and very little fun. Very unbalanced.

So this year I did make a New Year’s Resolution (I try to avoid them) and that was to find the happy balance in my life again. Time for work, time for writing, time for play, the kids, the hubby, and let’s not forget, time for me. In order to do this, I set up some written specific goals.

Wow, talk about an eye opener. I have a lot on my agenda. The good news is, I have faith in myself that I can make 2016 a successful year.

Once I knew what I was facing, I started scheduling tasks: physical stuff in the morning when my brain’s still on growl mode, social media during lunch, which frees up my evening for family and writing. Oh, and let’s not forget to turn off the ‘net and TV—two big “shiny squirrel” distractors.

So how about you, did you make any New Year’s Resolutions?

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Gail Chianese

Gail Chianese

I currently live in beautiful Connecticut, but originally hail from sunny California. I am the mom of three amazing kids, a Navy wife (he did 27 years!) and the rescuer of three fur babies. In my spare time, I like to ghost hunt with my hubby, geocache with my family and lock myself away with a great book. I am a proud member of Connecticut Romance Writers of America. I love to connect with my readers on my social media accounts and website!

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