Research for a Writer is a Gift that Keeps Giving

on December 19, 2013

One of the fun things about being a writer of children’s books is doing research. That hold especially true when you’re writing a series as full of adventure and wild places and learning as my Bulldoggers Club Series. These books feature a group of boys who love the outdoors and riding horses and who come… Read More

Barbara Hay

Barbara Hay

An award-winning columnist, reporter, and short-story writer, Barbara Hay is the author of the debut young adult novel LESSON OF THE WHITE EAGLE (RoadRunner Press, October 2011). For nine years, Hay was a columnist and contributor to the award-winning Sooner Catholic newspaper, which serves western Oklahoma. Her work has also appeared in the Tulsa World, Columbia Magazine and Women’s World Weekly.

Hay holds a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies from the University of Oklahoma. The widowed mother of four children, she lives and writes at her home in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

Her next book will be The Bulldoggers Club— The Tale of the Ill-Gotten Catfish , a new middle-grade series from RoadRunner Press, coming in 2012.