Authors, Cats, & the Chairvonian Wars (aka Tweet Inspiration)

on July 31, 2013

Don’t get any cats.  Just don’t.  Get some goldfish instead.  Or guppies.  Guppies are very quiet and peaceful.  They float, wiggle their fins, open and shut their mouths, and in general are colorful but restful creatures.  They’re not as much fun to Tweet about, but… Well, okay, 1 or 2 cats might be okay.  But… Read More

Jean Johnson

Jean Johnson

Jean Johnson currently lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest, has played in the SCA for nearly 20 years, sings a lot, and is currently teaching herself to play the violin. She loves flirting, sewing, cats (though not necessarily flirting with cats who can sew), cooking (but not cooking cats), and has a distinct sense of humor. She also hopes to live in a castle some day...but only if it has decent plumbing, central heating, and internet access.

I’m a Reader Too!

on June 3, 2013

Greetings, Fellow Readers; Yep, I’m a reader, too, and I’d like to address that today.  Some people forget that authors are usually still fellow readers.  Sometimes people think that, magically/instantaneously, an author suddenly stops reading books the moment they set pen to page, or fingers to keyboard—and for me, definitely the latter, you really, really… Read More