Long-lost Reunions

on May 15, 2015

by Elizabeth Otto I love a good reunion story. As a former Navy wife, who spent months upon months waiting for her spouse to return from deployment, I suppose this isn’t surprising. I’d count the days on a calendar, marking off each one until finally, six long months had passed and I’d be on the… Read More


Elizabeth Otto

Elizabeth Otto grew up in a Wisconsin town the size of a postage stamp, where riding your horse to the grocery store, and skinny dipping after school were perfectly acceptable. No surprise that she often writes about small communities and country boys. She's the author of paranormal and hot, emotional, contemporary romance, and has no guilt over frequently making her readers cry. When not writing, she works full-time as an Emergency Medical Technician for a rural ambulance service. Elizabeth lives with her very own country boy and their three children in, shockingly, a small Midwestern town.