Meet Tabitha M. Brown

on February 3, 2014

We recently interviewed Tabitha about her new home and the changes in her life. Her answers were heartfelt, honest and thought-provoking. Q: We understand you were devastated when your fiancé was killed in an accident. How did you cope? Tabitha: That’s just it. I didn’t cope. Oh, I continued to teach my ninth grade English… Read More

Theresa Jenner Garrido

Born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I spent the first nine years of my life on an island. With no neighborhood children nearby, I depended on imaginary people to keep me company until the much anticipated summer months when my best friend and cousin, Barbara, came to visit. Together, we created a world of exciting and ominous characters, often scaring ourselves silly in the process. I attended the University of Washington, received a B.A. in English, and spent the next twenty-plus years teaching middle school language arts and social studies before retiring "early". Now I'm happy to indulge my wild imagination and passionate love of history and share these foibles with others, including my husband, Jerry, my humongous family, and a rescue pup and black cat. I've made my home in Missouri, Georgia, and North Carolina but currently reside in South Carolina. When not at the computer or in the laundry room, I enjoy traveling and poking my nose into strange and mysterious places. I have discovered unspeakable wonders in forty-two of our awesome fifty states--from the coast of California, the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, the tall prairie grasses of the Midwest, to the swamps of the deep South. I love every corner of these United States and plan to visit all fifty before I head to that big library in the sky. A quiet beach town, south of Charleston snagged my attention years ago and still beguiles this Pacific Northwest girl with its Spanish moss and Live oaks. But I must confess, my favorite place to dream is the Olympic Peninsula of my own Washington State, where ancient, massive trees, omnipresent drizzling rain, and the numerous scents and sounds of growing things stir my soul. I make a pilgrimage "home" as often as I can. PLEASE EMAIL ME! I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!