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Summer Romance – Revisited

by Joanne Rock

Camp Forget Me NotThere’s no denying it’s fall now. But I’m always in the mood for a summer romance. I’m not sure if it’s because I have my own fun memories of summer and summer romances as a teen, or if there’s something more specific about summer stories that appeal to me in particular, but show me a beachy cover and I’m clicking “buy” when I visit Amazon.

I mention this because the third book in my Young Adult series with my sister-in-law, Karen Rock, is out now. Camp Forget Me Not is our third full length “ode to summer romance” and I’m not anywhere near tired of it.

Maybe it’s because of the possibility of vacations, trips and getaways inherent in summer. Reading is a mental getaway for me and I guess it doubles the fun if the characters I’m reading about are on vacation too. Nancy Drew probably contributed to this. Some of her best adventures happened when she, Bess and George piled into her convertible to visit a friend/relative in some new locale. (Long before she traveled to Turkey and Scotland she went to places like Shadow Ranch and the Lilac Inn!) I loved being in the car with Nancy.

Summer may be all the more potent for teen romances since so much changes over the course of those warm months. They might move, vacation, find themselves surrounded by new friends or maybe the end up with more alone time. Either way, it’s a time of transition.

But even in adult romance, summer sells me. How many times have I bought a book with a dock on the cover and two Adirondack chairs? I’ll but a book with that cover many more times too! I discovered Dorthea Benton Frank’s beautiful novels this way. Anne Rivers Siddons, too.

If you like a summer story, I encourage you to give Camp Forget Me Not a try. It’s a Young Adult, but so are plenty of entertaining stories. It’s fun to revisit the teen years when so much about romance was new and confusing and fun. Here’s a list of other great summer YA stories and some adult beach books too. Enjoy!

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Camp Forget Me Not can be purchased in trade paperback and eBook format

Joanne Rock

Joanne Rock

Three-time RITA nominee Joanne Rock has never met a romance sub-genre she didn’t like. The author of over seventy books currently writes sexy contemporary stories for Harlequin Desire and small town romance for Harlequin Superromance. An optimist by nature and perpetual seeker of silver linings, Joanne finds romance fits her life outlook perfectly—love is worth fighting for. A frequent speaker at regional and national writing conferences she enjoys giving back to the writing community that nurtured and inspired her early career. She has a Masters degree in Literature from the University of Louisville but credits her fiction writing skills to her intensive study with fellow author and friend Catherine Mann. When she’s not writing, Joanne enjoys travel, especially to see her favorite sports teams play with her former sports editor husband and three athletic-minded sons.

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